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We are DBS Remodel, Inc. – an award winning design/build residential remodeling company. DBS was founded in 1985, by Brian Altmann, who planned to focus his efforts on education and implementing systems that would ensure that busy homeowners throughout Poughkeepsie, and the Hudson Valley area would get the best remodeling experience imaginable. Brian went on to organize a team of professionals who were motivated to providing superior customer service and impeccable quality standards in material and workmanship.

We at DBS understand that the remodeling industry is very challenging, especially when building trust and confidence in a homeowner that owes you nothing! We have built the foreground and morals of this company on all of the things that the homeowner deserves and should expect when hiring a remodeler. You have expensive white carpets? We’ll take our shoes off. Pets? We’ll be sure the door is always shut. Exquisite landscaping? We’ll build a barrier for your precious hydrangea bush. You’re a parent getting your children ready for school? You’re not the only one! We will work with you to make sure that we are out of your way for a smooth morning. These are a few of the many challenges that need attention and should be addressed during the remodeling process.

In response to the needs of busy homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley, DBS Remodel, Inc. offers design consultation, additions, renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, restorations, exterior renovations, and attractive outdoor living spaces including traditional porches and custom decking. We will take care of everything from the pre-planning and design stage to the very finishing touches. Our friendly, competent staff is ready to fulfill all your remodeling dreams.

We pride ourselves on commitments, and stick to what we say! Our first commitment is to our clients. It is with great pleasure that we have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful homeowners over the years. We honor them with the utmost respect and are so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a guest in your home while making your home remodeling dreams come true! We are committed to consumer education and awareness, putting you, as the homeowner, in the driver’s seat, and giving you the opportunity to make sound remodeling decisions.

Our second commitment is to our employees! The structure of our company is held together by our employees! Each individual has been carefully selected to be a part of the DBS team by demonstrating excellence in workmanship, ability to work with others as a team and most importantly, our employees take tremendous pride in delivering an exceptional customer service. We are always changing, so where would we be without the very people who help implement these new procedures? The staff of DBS is truly exceptional; and guess what, they’re real people with pets, and families, and dreams … just like you!

Our third commitment is to our industry! As members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), we are always committed to learning and implementing new ways to promote professionalism to others like us. For over 20 years, DBS has had the opportunity to attend seminars lead by some of the top names in the industry, leadership conferences and trade shows to learn ways to better our business while introducing ourselves to the latest products and trends. Not only attending, but participating in these events has produced valuable connections with other leading remodeling professionals throughout the country. In fact, our very own President, Brian Altmann, was invited to speak this past October at the 2012 Remodeling Show given by NARI in Baltimore, MD, and was one of the most liked, sought after and useful presentation/seminars in the entire 3-day program! Our pursuit of continuing education in the remodeling industry offers us the tools required to consistently coordinate a successful and enjoyable remodeling experience for any homeowner!

DBS is ready for the challenge. DBS Remodel, Inc. has worked extremely hard since 1985 to provide a safe haven for homeowners to successfully realize their remodeling dreams. Give us a call and set up a meeting today! 845.485.8343 Or, consider attending one of our complimentary educational seminars on how to get started with hiring a remodeling contractor! We look forward to speaking with you, whichever it may be!

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Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the year Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the year

2023 Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year

The Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award was created in 2007 to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of remodelers and the importance of creativity and innovation in the remodeling industry. The award seeks to recognize each year those who exemplify innovation in their business, innovations that may manifest in different ways: new business processes; unique building processes or use of materials; streamlined systems; relevant training programs; and creative use of technology.