8 Unique Upgrades For Your Kitchen Remodel

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When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to address the “pain points” of the room, such as lack of counter space or storage. However, it’s also just as important to put your personal touch on it as well, and consider your lifestyle & how your kitchen functions for you! We’ve compiled 8 unique kitchen upgrades that not only help customize your kitchen but also help with making mealtime easier and more convenient!

Heavy Duty Appliance Lift – Bakers rejoice! No need to break your back lifting heavy KitchenAid mixers anymore. Instead, install a heavy-duty appliance lift inside one of your cabinets! This upgrade is perfect for easy access and storage of cumbersome mixers, as well as toasters, blenders, and food processors. Additionally, this easy upgrade helps keep your countertops clear of bulky appliances when they’re not in use.

Dry Produce Drawers – If you hate the thought of leaving produce out for all to see, then this upgrade is for you! Consider converting that junk drawer (be honest, we all have one) as a place to store dry produce. Potatoes, onions, and shallots, to name a few, work perfectly here. Plus, if counter space is an issue, this upgrade helps free-up space!

Retractable Counter Outlets – Retractable counter outlets provide convenient accessibility with hidden power—a unique feature perfect for kitchen islands or those who find power outlets to be unsightly. Plus, many retractable outlet styles now offer  USB ports!

Peg Drawer Organizers – Traditionally, it’s considered that dishes will be housed in upper cupboards. But, with open shelving becoming more popular, homeowners have opted for peg drawer organizers instead! This unique upgrade has made storing plates easy, as the pegs can be adjusted to fit varying sizes & shapes. And, with this organizational upgrade, it’s even easier to view and access everything you need come mealtime.

Pot Fillers – Pot fillers are just as convenient as they are unique! This kitchen feature is another upgrade that reduces strain on your arms, back, and hands, which can be especially important for homeowners who wish to age in place when remodeling their kitchen. However, for this upgrade, it’s important to make a few considerations. While pot fillers can add a touch of elegance, they can also come with an added cost, as rerouting plumbing may be necessary. Additionally, while pot fillers help to personalize your kitchen, if you’re not an avid chef, this upgrade may not be necessary and you may wish to allocate money elsewhere in your kitchens, such as with lighting or appliances.

Touchless Faucets – Whether it’s mud on your hands, raw chicken juice (collective “uck”), or you’re living through a Pandemic, we’ve all needed to wash our hands but tried to avoid transferring germs onto the lever. With a touch-free faucet, not only is it easy to keep your hands clean, but it also helps to limit the spread of bacteria and keep your sink more hygienic. There are a variety of touchless faucets to choose from, even some that offer automatic measurements, such as American Standard’s Beale MeasureFill. This unique upgrade is definitely one to consider if you’re looking to implement technology into your kitchen remodel.

Warming Drawer – A warming drawer is another great, unique kitchen feature for families that live a busy lifestyle. Not only do they help keep food warm during the hustle and bustle of mealtime but are also great for warming plates and table wear, too. Now, there’s no excuse for serving cold food!

Dishwasher Drawers – Do you hate having to run the dishwasher when it’s only half full? Or, need to use something only to discover it’s still dirty in the dishwasher? Behold dishwasher drawers! This upgrade is available in both single drawer or double drawer. Single drawer models are perfect for smaller kitchens or kitchenettes, while doubles are a great alternative to the standard dishwasher. Plus, dishwasher drawers require less water (per drawer) which makes them more economical. Lastly, there’s flexibility in not having to run a full dishwasher, but rather just a drawer!

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