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DBS Remodel opened the Remodel Smart Training Center doors in 2009. The Remodel Smart Training Center was designed as a resource and educational platform for homeowners, our trade partners and DBS Remodel staff. Our mission is to increase the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry and further promote the importance of an exceptional remodeling experience for our clients.

Remodeling 101 – How to hire a Remodeler

This seminar delivers the knowledge to empower you to safely hire a home remodeling contractor. Learn how to interview a remodeler, recognize a well written contract, and the importance of accurate job scoping. Protecting yourself from surprises will ensure an enjoyable and successful remodeling experience.

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“The seminar was great!  It gave me the confidence I needed.  I now know the right questions to ask! Thank you!”

Linda S. / LaGrangeville

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Brian Altmann recognized from early on that education is at the heart of a successful remodel. His process being simple–take the necessary time to sit with a homeowner and instruct them on each step needed for the project at hand. Inform them of what a well-written contract should look like; provide them with questions they should ask their potential contractor, address any fears they may have, and explain the importance of a detailed job scope. For him and his team, it’s more than simply being the hired remodeling company; it’s considering it a privilege to do the job and be a guest in their home. DBS believes whole-heartily that homeowners should know the ins & outs of remodeling, that’s why they not only provide education on a local level, but also on a National level as well.

For over 10 years, Altmann has been a Presenting Speaking at various national conventions, teaching other contractors and business owners about how they, too, can provide a greater level of communication and service for their clients.


JLC Live New England is in its 29th year and four members of the DBS Remodel team have the honor of being Presenting Speakers. DBS Remodel’s founder/president Brian Altmann, Remodeling Consultant Michelle Merck, Lead Carpenter Mike Whalen, and Marketing Director Andalee Powers are looking forward to sharing their expertise with the attendees of this year’s convention. To learn more, visit: ne.JLCLIVE.com

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In November of 2019, Brian was one of the Presenting Speakers at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Louisville, KY where he taught a series of classes. To learn more about this convention, visit: RemodelingDeck.com

Hiring A Contractor

What is an Estimate?

What is an Estimate Anyway?

Every remodel starts with a dream…and a question. The dream part is fun, exciting and includes unlimited possibilities and zero obstacles! The question of “how much will it cost” is another story. As consumers, we want to know quickly what things will cost. The problem in remodeling is…we typically want to know the cost BEFORE we decide exactly what we are buying…and there lies the problem.

It is understandable for homeowners to ask remodelers what a project might cost. However, often times answering that question can be very difficult. If we called a Ford dealership and asked how much their cars cost, they would probably say somewhere between 14K and 80k, which would be a fair “estimate”! A kitchen remodel may not be much different. The type and quality of cabinets, selection of countertop, value of the sink and faucet and type and pattern of the floor finish all play an enormous role in the overall investment and subtle changes to this scope can have a huge financial impact!

Figure 1 - Cart Before the Horse
Figure 2 - Comprehensive Project Evaluation™

When consumers ask remodelers for and Estimate, what are they really asking for?

The dictionary defines an estimate as a “rough calculation”. The definition of Rough is “hastily done” or “incomplete”! The estimate may be somewhat helpful to get the discussion going with your family, however, it can NOT be the basis for selecting a remodeler nor does it put you any closer to signing contracts!

Purchasing that car we referenced earlier has a distinct advantage to remodeling…we can see it, touch it and test drive it! With remodeling we can only draw pictures of it and tell a story about it…so we better do a great job! We, at DBS Remodel believe there are three components that every client needs prior to signing a contract. The first is the design- what the space will look like after the remodel. The second is the job scope- a concisely written document that clearly states everything that is included and not included in the new remodel. Finally, we need to understand the cost analysis- the precise investment based on existing conditions, the new design and the job scope specifications- this is NOT an estimate! Together, these three components make up the DBS Comprehensive Project Evaluation.

As homeowners, we are conditioned to ask for an “estimate”. Let’s demand more than “hastily done” or “incomplete”! Being cautious and thorough on the front end will keep you from becoming surprised and disappointed after your remodel.

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Remodel Smart

DBS' Smart Remodeling Series

At DBS, we want homeowners to be equipped with as much knowledge & information as possible when embarking on a home remodeling journey! We want homeowners to not only protect their investment but feel confident in their investment, too! So, be sure to catch our Smart Remodeling Series, and feel free to send any questions or topics to: andalee@dbsremodel.com

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