Customer Service Is Important To Us! PART 2

Because DBS Remodel understands the value of a great remodeling experience, we have hand selected specific trades that we currently partner with, to ensure top quality and communication throughout all of our projects. All of the businesses involved in this Partner Program demonstrate the same level of customer service, and believe in the same values as DBS. We meet as a working group quarterly throughout the year to discuss and implement different ways to always be growing and improving customer relations. In 2009, DBS Remodel launched the Remodel Smart Training Center, which was specifically designed as a resource and educational platform for homeowners, our trade partners, and the DBS Remodel staff. Its’ mission is to increase the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry and further promote the importance of an exceptional remodeling experience for all participants. DBS’ partner program and its’ professionals involved sponsor free, educational seminars that the Center puts on for homeowners. The seminars educate homeowners on how to successfully interview and hire a remodeling contractor. Homeowners learn how to find remodelers, and acquire the top 10 questions to ask during an interview process. Here, DBS Remodel will also teach the fundamentals of a well written contract. Consumer industry knowledge is so important to DBS, and our goal is to help put the homeowner in the driver’s seat of their remodeling experience.

With all of that being said, DBS also strives to create a fun and enjoyable work atmosphere for its employees. A company is expressed by those who possess the right to define it. Initiated by leadership, we perform as a team that shares the same philosophy and ethics. By sharing ideas and listening to each other, we identify who we want to be and implement a character for which we are all proud to participate in. Essentially, a company is characterized by its’ employees, so it is important to DBS that it promotes not only contentment, but happiness in the workplace.

Lastly, I’d like to present you with The DBS Difference. We are always very proud to share the difference, as it is directly defined by what our clients have said about DBS. In over 2500 client satisfaction surveys, three key factors have shown consistently as most appreciated by our clients while working with our company; Cleanliness, Politeness and Trust. These, along with many other factors (friendliness, timeliness, etc.) are a few of the very many customer service based reasons for our hiring, ironically enough!


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Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the year Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the year

2023 Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year

The Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award was created in 2007 to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of remodelers and the importance of creativity and innovation in the remodeling industry. The award seeks to recognize each year those who exemplify innovation in their business, innovations that may manifest in different ways: new business processes; unique building processes or use of materials; streamlined systems; relevant training programs; and creative use of technology.