Aging In Place Replaces Assisted Living Facilities

As our parents get older there comes a time in their lives where living alone and conducting daily activities without help becomes very challenging. At this point, when looking for a place for mom and/or dad, assisted living often becomes the best option. However, if you’d prefer to find a place for mom and/or dad in your own home or keep them in their current home, there are ways to remodel a home to better meet their needs, and ultimately increase the quality of life. This type of renovation is referred to as aging in place or universal design.

To properly complete a universal design, you’ll need a certified aging in place specialist, like DBS Remodel. This certification through NAHB gives us the knowledge we need to know how to incorporate designs like grab bars and rails, comfort-height toilets, curbless showers, raised base cabinets, cooking controls, accessibility ramps, non-skid flooring, smooth transitions, and many more accessibility features, both tastefully and properly into your aging in place design.

Aging in place home modifications help to ensure that your elderly loved one will be safe, while also allowing for them to live in the residence of their choice, and avoid assisted living facilities. If you are interested in reading about more details that go into home modification for aging in place, visit our blog.

It is important to understand that aging in place home design does not need to look institutional. We can help you imagine your remodel, and understand that these accessibility and safety updates will not harm the aesthetic appeal or resale value of your home. Aging in place can allow for the most comfort and happiness during an otherwise challenging time, and we can help you formulate the best residential design for aging in place for your unique home. You can find pictures of our aging in place work here including aging in place bathroom designs!

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