10 Exterior Spring Maintenances: From Roof to Roots!

Exterior Spring Maintenance - Dutchess County

Cleaning and maintenance go hand-in-hand, especially as the spring-cleaning season comes underway. In an effort to avoid overlooking the exterior of your home, we’ve put together 10 spring maintenances you can tackle in a weekend—from roof to roots! Rest assured, your home’s exterior will be in tip-top shape as the temperatures slowly rise and the warmer weather approaches.

  1. Gutters: Most Dutchess County residents would agree that we were fortunate to not receive heaps of snow. However, Old Man Winter still wreaked a bit of havoc with ice here in the Valley. Therefore, it’s important to inspect the condition of your gutters and downspouts, as ice can be just as damaging as the weight of snow. Clear leaves and debris of build-up to allow for proper functioning and water flow. Need a professional? Call our Partners & friends: The Brothers That Just Do Gutters!
  2. Roof: While attending to your gutters, it’s also a good idea to take into consideration the condition of your roof, as snow can be the source for water damage and leaks. Take note of any missing shingles or tiles, and thoroughly examine your attic for any signs of water. Being proactive with roof and any necessary repairs now can prevent major damage and expenses later down the road.
  3. Windows & Screens: The comfortable climate of the spring season lends for easier cleaning of windows, screens, & sills. Spring temperatures aren’t too harsh that they invite drastic temperatures into your home while having them opened and closed. Rather, it provides the perfect opportunity to welcome fresh spring air into your home—so long stale air! Be sure to patch or replace any screens with holes and clean sills of dirt, webbing, and insect remains.
  4. Siding: Similarly, to the above maintenances, while attending to the exterior, take time to assess the state of your siding. Severe winter conditions can take a toll on your siding resulting in dings, holes, and dents. Minor holes should be addressed and concealed to prevent further damage, and deter any insects and/or creatures from inhabiting. If major damage is reported, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional! Though repairs may be costly, it will help against future expenses. Your siding can also benefit from a thorough power washing; not only will this clean off dirt & soot, but it will also make your home look renewed and rejuvenated! Need new siding, but not sure what to install? Check out our Deciding Siding Pros & Cons Guide!
  5. Vents, Pipes & Filters: One easy, yet extremely necessary spring maintenance is to inspect that all vents, pipes, and filters are clear of any fallen debris. Take this opportunity to also replace any filters that may be aged and weather. Attending to this task is vital, as it not only protects your home but your family, too—obstructed areas can lead to harmful & hazardous conditions.
  6. Landscape & Vegetation: Attending to landscape and vegetation may be obvious for spring maintenances, but much like other maintenances, this job is also just as necessary. Before the trees bloom and the buds blossom, prune plants, trees, and shrubbery. Additionally, clear out any overgrowth that may be present, especially close to or touching the house.  It may be too early to break out the lawn mower, but you can still prepare your lawn with feed & fertilizer.
  7. Pots & Plants: Much like landscape and vegetation, spring is the opportune time to start attending to your garden. It’s recommended to plant bulbs & flowers in early spring for summer blooming—be sure to wait until the final frost is gone and read plant condition requirements carefully. Additionally, clear any overgrowth that may be present in vegetable gardens. Pots and planters should be cleaned, too, and checked for any cracks and/or damage.
  8. Concrete & Pavement: Your driveway may not be the first area you think of when tackling spring maintenances, however, if winter can wreak havoc on your home, it can surely do the same to your driveway! Give your driveway, as well as any walkways, a once over taking note of any cracks, seams, or damage that may be present. Consider implementing any quick-fix remedies such as fillers. If any major issues exist, you may want to employ the help and guidance of a professional!
  9. Foundation: The foundation of your home can often be an afterthought come spring, however, it’s during this season that you can take note of any leaks or water intrusion as snow begins to thaw and melt. Inspecting the foundation of your home is another vital spring maintenance that’s necessary for avoiding future expenses!
  10. Paint: Out of all the maintenances listed, this task may commission the most satisfying result! Like a broken record, we always remind homeowners that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way! So, during the spring season consider reviving your front door with a new, crisp color! If you’re up for the challenge, consider additionally painting your home’s shutters and/or trim. Chipped, weathered paint seldom adds curb appeal to your home’s exterior, therefore refreshing it with a good coat of paint can drastically make it more appealing–just in time for colorful spring & summer flourishes! Is your front door a total bore? Check out our Front Door Color Guide!

From roof to roots, these 10 Spring Maintenances will get your home’s exterior in order. Plus, most can be tackled in a weekend! These tasks will keep your home healthy and exterior looking pristine, just in time for you to enjoy the warmer weather!