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It continues to be a privilege to work with The Brothers that just do Gutters! Having been in business for twenty-five years I have worked with many subcontractors and tradesmen. The Brothers are second to none! We sincerely appreciate their attention to detail regarding scheduling, installation and after care! It is very impressive to see the level of professionalism that they present and it is the main reason that we are so pleased to work with them.

In 1999 Ken Parsons decided to quit his teaching job and start his own gutter business after a summer of working on a truck with a local gutter company. Ken was only looking to make some extra money before going back to school, but ended up falling in love with the idea of running his own gutter business. When all the other teachers returned to school, Ken stayed on a gutter truck learning the business, and in a short time went out on his own. Ken worked really hard and experienced great success in the first few years, but had dreams of building a company with multiple locations and crews. For this next step he knew he would need help and began recruiting his younger brother Ryan.

Ryan Parsons was a recent college graduate with a BFA in Fine Arts and Graphic design working for an exciting start-up company in Kingston NY. Ryan showed absolutely no interest when Ken first approached him with the idea of joining him in the gutter business. Shortly after Ken started his recruiting process, Ryan’s start-up company began struggling and eventually closed it’s doors. Ken saw the prime opportunity to rope his newly unemployed brother into the gutter business.

Ryan reluctantly joined Ken on a gutter truck, and made it clear that he would only help him until he found a “real” job. It is now 9 years later Ryan is 50% owner with Ken and together they have built an amazing gutter company with divisions in New York, Connecticut, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Even though it looks like both brothers took their college degrees and threw them in the gutter, they actually put them to use every day in their business. Ryan puts his graphic design degree to work by creating all the marketing and advertising for the company. Ken has been putting his teaching degree to good use by creating instructional videos for the other divisions and leading off-site conferences and seminars.

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