Three Season Room, LaGrange NY, Part 2

Welcome back! You’ve joined us for round two of this particular three season room. Kudos and thank you! If you’d like, you can revert to Part 1.

In the above picture, you will find beautiful bamboo floors that are wonderful for the changing of temperatures in your three season room. Bamboo floors are fairly low maintenance and are dense, so spills will not soak in quickly. However, it is fairly soft (30% harder than red oak and around 15% harder than maple) and furniture with hard, pointy bottoms, or something like a high heeled shoe, might create a dent in the flooring. These floors also tend to fade a bit with extreme exposure to the sun. Moving towards the doorway, you will notice that the lip of the door track is a bit high. The bamboo floor will eliminate most of the ‘step over’ height once installed fully. Stubbing your toe is never pleasant! Just like in this photo, sliding doors tend to be the most popular. There are several different styles as well! This particular client chose the thicker style door, which is the depth of the trim around the glass (the white area). There are also thinner styles that prove to be a bit less expensive. Normally these doors, and windows for that matter, come a certain color from the factory which saves you, as the homeowner, time and money to paint them! Also, on many of these doors, there are a great number of options in style of handle (i.e. lever, etc.), as well as finishes AND locking systems. Another popular style door is an in-swing style door. Out-swing style doors aren’t nearly as popular as the mentioned two, but are also an option! It will probably depend on, A. the look that you are going for, and B. the size of platform that you are adding to the outside of your three season room.

The type / style of platform / deck / stairs is up to you, the homeowner. This particular client chose a platform with stairs that lead to the back yard. There are lots of options here. If you’d like, you can have a three season room that has a sliding door that leads to a full blown, beautiful deck! Or you can even choose to add a screened porch! The possibilities are endless. Stepping from your beautiful three season room to a nice deck to barbecue on seems like a dream! This platform that is pictured above is TREX composite, which is easy to clean and very low maintenance.

As you can see in this photo, this three season room is completely consistent with the existing dwelling. Trim color and style, siding color and style, right down to the actual materials used are all carefully chosen to match the home. On this home, we used white cellular PVC composite trim by Azek which is very low maintenance and easy to clean. We spoke yesterday briefly about the overhangs being like materials as well. Same goes for the gutters and the downspouts.

Here we can really see the stylings of the ceiling. The fan is mounted to the supporting ridge that supports the roof, which we spoke about yesterday. Without that supporting ridge, we would have had to build some sort of box to mount the ceiling fan. Recessed lighting is always a nice option to give the room a bit more light and flare. Another option is track lighting, which is also nice, modern and stylish. The ceiling is seamless bead board, very similar to the walls below. It is great because it’s fairly low maintenance, but is absolutely a premium product. The yellow on the walls is a small amount sheetrock, but looks beautiful and really sets the room off!

Here, we just wanted to show the framed windows with the wood sills.

Above you will see an existing exterior door that we upgraded when renovating. We created a step down from the house into the three season room to allow for a higher ceiling. If we did not step it down, the ceiling would be capped due to the second story windows. There was no way to raise the roof without blocking those second story windows.

As you can see here, if we went any higher with the roof, the second story windows would have been out of use. Also, here is a great example of using landscaping to dress the house up instead of lattice to cover the piers and the underneath of the three season room!

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