Remodeling Kitchen – Part 2

Thanks for rejoining us! Glad to see you again. We were previously speaking of remodeling your kitchen, and we left you at popular and efficient countertops.

We’re going to skip straight to a few popular options within the kitchen when remodeling it. Many people tend to enjoy the look of an island, or a peninsula. What are the differences between these two you might ask? A Peninsula is only rounded on three sides and usually attached to the wall, where the Island is completely free standing with four. Another popular trend is adding a breakfast bar to your kitchen. This adds extra manageable eating space. Easy serving, as well as use as a buffet when needed! Another convenience is to create something we like to call in the remodeling work a “working triangle”, where you will put your sink, stove and refrigerator. *picture* It’s always smart to think ahead and make sure you add ample storage to your kitchen remodel. This might include taller cabinets, lazy susan, pantry, hidden drawers, you name it. Finally, you want to make sure your new kitchen makes sense to your lifestyle. If there is only one of you, you probably don’t need a breakfast bar, etc. Family access to the kitchen is super important – things like space are crucial. Make sure you consider your family size in your kitchen reno planning!

Appliances are something to think about when dreaming up your new kitchen as well. Will they be colored, or will they be stainless? Besides a refrigerator, will you include a dishwasher? How about a warming drawer? Do you want their identities to be concealed by blending them in with the cabinetry or will they stand out? Wall oven or traditional, range oven? Will there be an exhaust hood above the cook top or will it be integrated under the microwave to save space?

Showy beverage centers are quickly becoming very popular, with glass cabinet fronts and interior cabinet lighting showcasing what’s inside.

Now because we are sort of on the topic of cabinetry, we will discuss some design thoughts. Depending on your other selections (appliance color, countertops, flooring, etc.) you will have to choose the material of the cabinets. If you go with wood, you will choose from things like maple, oak, cherry, etc. Then you will choose the finish for your cabinets: stain, stain with glaze, paint, etc. Also, the styles are important. Framed? Frameless? Inset? The possibilities are endless! You are going to have to consider space for necessities like utensils and spices. A few ideas for these smaller storage spaces are things like utensil dividers, lazy susans, tray dividers, spice racks, hidden trash bins, bread boxes, etc.

Lastly, picking out fixtures is your icing on your cake, the apple to your eye, your finishing touches! Is your faucet going to be fixed, or is it going to have a spray spout with a detachable neck? They even have touch less, sensored kitchen faucets now! That would come in handy when your hands are filthy with a substance you don’t want all over your kitchen sink! Maybe you’d like a built in soap dispenser, or a nice pasta arm to fill that pot with hot water!

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