Old LaGrange Kitchen Remodel

Our most recent kitchen remodel took place in LaGrangeville, NY where one of DBS’ lead carpenters, Pete, took the 100 year old home’s kitchen into his own hands. The homeowners had a few ideas in mind prior to the job start. One of the things that they wanted to change was the layout of their kitchen space. They desired more of an open concept feel to their kitchen, and some more space for entertaining. The obvious fix was to knock out the wall between the kitchen and the family room to achieve this openness. Knocking down said wall would allow family to look from the kitchen into the existing family room, which proves to be great for entertaining, and shows off their wonderful fireplace!

The homeowners second objective was to acquire more storage space in the kitchen. The wall was replaced with an island, which added a bunch more prep space for the family, enhanced entertaining space and an abundance of storage, all wrapped into one! It also adds a more modern look. Another way the homeowners added more storage to their kitchen was choosing tall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, leaving no lost space at the top. In an effort to dress them up, the homeowners added beautiful crown molding with some nice rope detail at the very top of the cabinets. This is why the design process is so important! To make sure that you and your family are safe, and know / like EXACTLY what you’re getting.

The third objective of the homeowners was to get better flow between rooms, because previously, the layout of the rooms just didn’t make sense with the location of the kitchen and the front of the house doorway. To resolve this, we moved the doorway from the front of the home, to directly off of the kitchen. This way, access to the dining room from the kitchen is very convenient. Especially for those holiday meals and dinner parties!

Something to think about, that these homeowners did, is that when you’re already working in a room, or in your home for that matter, use that opportunity to make any changes, or updates, that you might already be thinking about. In this case, there was some moldings that needed upgrading in the dining room. Why not do it while we’re already under construction?

A few other things that were accomplished are brand new oak floors in the kitchen and dining room. We also widened the kitchen window, which allows for more light and to help with the open feeling of the room. There are so many ways to achieve a sense of openness without initially just demolishing walls! Talking to an expert in design could help you with this.

Complete finished pictures to follow!

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