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“Knock down a wall here, add new light fixtures there, and hardwood floors all throughout.” Sound familiar? The thought of a home remodel can draw excitement, inspiration, and a feeling of empowerment. More so now than ever are Homeowners tackling home remodeling projects; from kitchen remodels, to bathroom remodels, decks, basements, and every room in between, homeowners are investing the time & money into their homes. And, most projects increase the value of their homes, and provide much-needed updates!

At DBS Remodel, it’s imperative that our clients understand the full scope of home remodeling, as we believe education and transparency are at the core of a successful home remodel. We follow a 7-Step Design-Build Process (learn more here), offer Free Seminars. and have educational resources for homeowners on our site (Remodel Smart Training Center).

But before you pick up a hammer, go tearing up carpets, and knocking down walls, there are a few factors we recommend you consider:

First: Budget. Establish a budget for your home remodel; hone in on what’s most important to you, where you may want to possibly splurge, and where you may want to cut back (i.e. expensive cabinetry, heated tile floors, recessed lighting, etc.).

Second: Time. Know full well that to have the job done right–and done right the first time—you must be willing to give it time! The reason here is simple: if something is rushed, the outcome can be sloppy and result in errors. Also, bear in mind that items may need to be manufactured, therefore give it time!

Third (and this is two-fold): Unforeseen & Realistic. Now, of course, we strive to have each remodeling project go off without a hitch, however on occasion do we come upon the “unforeseen issues” (i.e. termite damage, water damage, etc.). Some unforeseen issues are easy fixes, while others may require more attention. Nonetheless, it’s important to be realistic. For example, if you’re living in an older home, understand that certain elements may need to be updated due to coding.

Last, but not least: Research. It’s easy to find someone who is willing to knock down a few walls, & tear out your kitchen, but with that being said, it’s also easy to bypass a person’s qualifications. Take the time to do your research on who you’re hiring; make sure they’re not only qualified but reputable & trustworthy, too! At DBS Remodel, we provide the “Top 10 Questions” you should ask your contractor (found in DBS Learning Center) because when all is said & done, we simply want what’s best for homeowners.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when starting a home remodel, however, if you consider these factors first, you can ease that sense of stress. For over 30 years, DBS Remodel has been proud to provide Hudson Valley Residents an exceptional remodeling experience. We take pride in not only our work but educating the public as well. If you’re interested in a Home Remodel and want to learn more, join us September 20th for our free “How to Hire a Contractor” Seminar, where you’ll learn more about the process, how to identify a well-written contractor, and much more. Click here to register now! DBS Remodel–When Cleanliness, Politeness, & Trust Matter!

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