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One word: Wallpaper. Queue images of your Grandmother’s living room, pastels, and tacky retro & floral patterns. As suspected, wallpaper lends itself to be stuck in an era, where the thought of it in your home makes you cringe. But, gone are the days of wallpaper being such an eyesore. Today, wallpaper (or wall coverings as commonly referred to) comes in a variety of updated, contemporary designs, styles, and textures. From elegant damask patterns to modern geometric shapes, cringe-worthy wallpaper is a thing of the past.

Wallpaper today can transform a room from dull and boring to lively and bright! It can breathe much-needed life back into bathrooms, be the perfect accent to a basic bedroom, and provide needed color into dark basements. However, be mindful of which room(s) or areas of your home you choose to cover. Vinyl wallpaper is best for bathrooms, while a flat, washable covering is better for high-traffic areas, such as hallways so that it won’t show fingerprints. Covering an accent wall allows for just the right amount of impact & change for a room, without any radical adjustments to the space itself.

When considering wallpaper, it’s always best to first do your research first. Establish which pattern, material, an even texture is best for the space/area you are looking to cover. Consider how much will be needed vs. cost; wallpapering can quickly become an affordable home improvement, to costly, depending upon the desired covering. Secondly, it’s best to hire a professional. Wallpaper that’s adhered haphazardly can result in mismatched patterns, peeling, seam separation, & more. Additionally, we want to steer-clear of any coverings that will result in a cringe, including installation!

Be inspired in your quest for wallpaper! Houzz & Pinterest provide many ideas and recommendations in regards to space and selection. We recommend selecting a pattern that suits the style of your home, as well as your own; obviously, you’d want to avoid selecting something that you may come to hate, or that may become a fad. We recommend sticking to patterns that cannot be “dated” to an era (unless you, in fact, live in a Historic home). Wallpapering a space, or room, in your home can be the perfect, affordable home improvement you may need, so don’t cringe for what it once was, but delight in what it could be!

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