Why Wait to Renovate? A Question for Homeowners

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After years of renovations, remodels, and countless conversations, there’s one phrase that seems to always be said time and time again: “I don’t know why I waited so long to do my: insert room of your choice.”

Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, deck, or basement, it seems that this phrase is always commonly said upon completion. The truth of the matter is that homeowners wait…and wait…and wait to renovate. And what finally motivates them to move forward is frustration; frustration out of the room not being what they want. Frustration out of old cabinetry & fixtures. Frustration out of the layout and it not being conducive to their lifestyle. The list is endless, which often makes us wonder, what are homeowners truly waiting for? What are YOU waiting for? We know that life is short, and tomorrow is never a guarantee, thus we believe to renovate/remodel now, so you can enjoy your home for years to come!

Imagine finally being able to prepare holidays meals and cook up that Thanksgiving turkey in a kitchen that actually works in your favor. Maybe this kitchen includes a double oven, soft-close cabinetry with designated areas for spices and pots & pans, and is complete with an island that even has an easy pull-out shelf for that heavy KitchenAid mixer! Or, maybe it’s finally being able to make memories with your family & friends in a kitchen that you’re not embarrassed by. Whatever your dream kitchen is, we ask you this: why wait to renovate?

So maybe it’s not the kitchen. Maybe it’s not having a spot for the kids; a spot where they can be with friends, play their music, put their stuff, and be out of your hair while still being safely home. Does this spot exist in your home? If so, great (you’re one of the lucky ones!) If not, we ask: why wait to renovate?

Maybe the true problem doesn’t lie within the interior of your home, but rather in its exterior. Is the deck splintering and warped? Does it have areas that are molded & decaying? Most importantly, is it safe? (Learn more about deck safety here) What about the siding? Has the weather weathered your home? How’s the roof, any leaks or water issue? Problems with your home’s roof and siding can lead to bigger, more expensive issues, so it’s important to get them assessed sooner rather than later! Or, maybe the façade of your home is in need of a serious update! Here’s a fun fact for you: your home can affect the value of another in your neighborhood. So, if your home is the obvious “dark spot” on the block, chances are its devaluing another neighboring home. Again, we ask: why wait to renovate?

What ARE you waiting for? Why are you waiting, and what’s holding you back? While frustration is the main trigger, a common underlying emotion is also fear—fear of the unknown. Fear of never having done a remodel. Fear of not knowing the process. Fear of hiring the wrong company and fear of additional expenses. All of these fears are what motivate us to ask more questions, educate more consumers, host more seminars, and continue to improve ourselves & craft. We do all this so that homeowners can remodel with confidence and without any fear or hesitation. We continue to be transparent about our Process (Learn more here) provide Comprehensive Job Evaluations, aka CPE’s, and offer Free Consultations so that regardless of whether we have the privilege to do the job and be a guest in your home, you as a homeowner can again, remodel with confidence and be an educated consumer.

Knowing that you can take on a renovation confidently, not have to imagine your dream space any longer, and finally have the home of your dreams, we ask you this: why wait to renovate?

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