Fall Addition: Front Door Décor Tips

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As the fall season takes hold in the Hudson Valley and the leaves turn to crimson red and burnt orange, we welcome the colorful foliage into our homes. One of the best ways to invite in the season, while also updating our home’s curb appeal, is to turn our sights toward the front door. An entryway decked out in fall décor not only provides a warm, cozy greeting to each guest that enters but is also fairly easy to accomplish!

Start with the Door
To begin, it’s best to start with the main focal point of your entryway: the front door. Based on the type of door you have and how ornate it may or may not be, will play into what you decide to adorn your door with. A colorful autumn wreath or cheerful welcome sign bodes well for doors that are simple, while on the contrary, grand double doors call for wreaths that are modest and less elaborate. Select an element that will complement its backdrop; bright coppers & crisp reds work perfectly against darker hues, while warm tans, browns, & golds harmonize with shades of white and cream.

Build off a Base
As you progress from the door and beyond, it’s best to select items that complement the colors in your door’s décor. But, you’ll want to select a base first, then build off of it. Hay bales, for example, are a great base as you extend your decorating and additionally help in creating a layered look. If your entryway doesn’t have room for bales, consider using cornstalks, billowing grasses, or feather wheat bunches.

Pack-in Pumpkins
After you’ve selected a base, you’ll want to pack-in some pumpkins—and, in our opinion, you can never have too many pumpkins! We recommend selecting pumpkins of different shapes, sizes, and colors. BONUS: Consider investing in fake pumpkins so that you can use them year after year!

Mix-in Mums
Take full advantage of all that the autumn has to offer, including fall blooms! Mix-in some mums with your front door décor. Like pumpkins, mums come in a variety of sizes and colors and further add to the joyful greeting your guests will experience when entering your home. BONUS: Amp up your entryway style by using stylish planters for your flowers.

Touch of Light
Lanterns add an element of sophistication & elegance to your front door décor but can be optional. Tall lanterns can be filled with candles in varying sizes, miniature pumpkins, or a combination of pumpkins and natural elements. Miniature lanterns can be used for pathways and with layered styles. SAFETY: Never leave candles unattended! Use flameless or LED candles!

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