Cleanliness: It’s More Than Just Important, It’s Our Responsibility

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When you think of home construction, you probably aren’t quick to think of cleanliness. Rather, you may think of the complete opposite; dust, debris, and demolition. Cleanliness is not often correlated with contractors and construction sites. But, as we mark a full year of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness continues to be at the forefront for DBS Remodel.

For over 35 years, DBS Remodel has built a reputation for being best known for cleanliness, politeness, and trust. So much so that our clients made it into our motto. Being consistent in all three key areas is vital, however, it’s imperative that we go above & beyond when it comes to cleanliness.

Cleanliness for us is much more than sweeping up the floors and taking out the trash at the end of the workday. It’s more than laying down drop cloths and putting up ZipWalls. It’s establishing a level of trust and comfort with homeowners from the very start.

Upon arrival for an initial consultation, DBS will arrive masked up and politely leave our shoes at the door, as to not track in any dust or dirt. It’s required that our Carpenters, Laborers, and Project Managers all maintain a tidy appearance, too. Though there’s no guarantee they’ll stay clean on demolition days, it’s important that the level of pride our team has in their craft is also reflected within themselves. Furthermore, this speaks to the level of comfort they (we) want homeowners to feel when we have the privilege to be a guest in their home.

For the majority of our jobs, we also implement the use of BuildClean Units that will eliminate 90% of airborne dust particulates and will recirculate fresh air into the workspace. We’ve created handwashing stations at all our job sites to keep both hands and tools clean, too. But, with all this in play, we still take cleanliness a step further. We’ve developed a standard of cleanliness that not only we abide by, but require our partners & subs to recognize, too, as they are an extension of our team. We additionally educate homeowners on the importance of asking potential contractors and tradesmen “How will you protect my home?” as it’s often an important question that’s never asked.

Cleanliness doesn’t just speak to our work and job sites, it also coincides with protection and the level of care we have for our clients. By keeping a clean job site, we also are maintaining a safe job site, one that will keep customers and their families (including pets) out of harm’s way.

When DBS is remodeling your home, we not only consider it to be a privilege but also as an opportunity to be the best houseguest we can be, by upholding a high level of cleanliness. We strive to leave clients’ homes cleaner than when we found them. And, oftentimes are told that we did exactly that!

Remodeling can be extremely invasive, but by preserving a superior level of cleanliness, do we help reduce the disturbance that comes with construction. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the stress, fear, and apprehension that homeowners can feel when undertaking a home remodel—especially living in a post-COVID time.

Cleanliness at DBS has been important for 35 years and will continue to be ingrained in our work and what we do. It’s not only essential to our projects and home remodels, but also to the success of our company as a whole. For us, cleanliness is more than just being a part of our daily routine, but is a responsibility for us to uphold now and always.

Learn more about DBS Remodel’s COVID-19 protocols here.

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