Cabinet Door Styles: Knowing the Basics

 Three Dark-wood Cabinets

Whether you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or wish to install custom cabinetry for interior renovations, you’ve come to know and learn that there are several types of cabinets to choose from, including Inset, Full, and Partial Overlay. And, while cabinet types vary, so do cabinet door styles. Learning the varying door styles can quickly become confusing, but, with this guide, you’ll come to learn some of the basics!

Selecting a cabinet door style will establish the overall character of which room it’s in. From contemporary to traditional, and each style in between, there are several door styles to choose from and far too many to discuss individually, so let’s establish the basics:

Recessed Panel Doors – Recessed panel doors have a clean, sleek appearance. They feature a flat (recessed) center panel and raised-edged border. This style door can also be referred to as “Shaker” style and offers versatility if you decide to change the style of the room in the future.

Raised-Panel Doors – A raised panel door features a center panel that comes out to the same depth as its grooved frame. With this dimensional styled door comes the opportunity for many contouring styles, including arched, cathedral, and mitered to name a few.  Because of its routering options, homeowners can select cabinet styles as ornate as their own taste!

Slab Doors – Slab door styles are what one would expect: clean, sleek, and simple with a flat, smooth surface. Of the many door styles, slab doors are the most modern in style, crafted from one continuous piece of material, and often are referred to as “European style.”  Additionally, compared to the many other door styles, slab doors are also one of the easiest to clean, due to them being completely flush.

Mullion Frame Doors – A “mullion” is defined as a vertical bar between panes of glass. Knowing this, a mullion frame door features bars that created paned sections in the cabinet door. Mullion frame doors are typically installed as “accent” doors in a bathroom, kitchen, or hutch, and come in a variety of simple to complex styles.

Open Frame Doors – Open frame doors do not feature any center panel or mullion, but rather is simply just the frame. Most commonly, homeowners request a glass insert in place of a panel, but any material can be used. Fair warning, however, for base cabinets, consider using tempered glass for safety!

Now that you’re familiar with some of the basic styles, you can extend your research to find the perfect cabinet door in a variety of materials and colors—and trust us there are hundreds to choose from! With this information, you can furthermore customize your space to perfectly suit your style and home!

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