4 Simple Tips on How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

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Investing in a Kitchen Remodel can be exciting knowing that new appliances, cabinetry, and a fresh coat of paint loom in your future. However, it can also be daunting and stressful once the project commences. As remodelers, we understand the inconvenience of not having a functioning kitchen during the remodel, but we also know there are ways to ease the burden, too! By implementing these 4 simple tips, you’ll be able to avoid the headache kitchen remodeling can bring and survive the process!

  1. Create a Stand-in Kitchen – When you think about the stresses kitchen remodeling can cause, an obvious thought would be meal time – and how it’s even possible! Sure, going out to eat is fun and who doesn’t love some good takeout? However, it can quickly get expensive—not to mention, unhealthy if restaurant options are limited! That’s why we strongly advise setting up a temporary stand-in kitchen. You’ll need a spot to prep a few meals, make some sandwiches, and have the ever-vital morning cup of coffee! So, designate an area away from the renovations that can serve as such. Consider utilizing a section of the basement, garage, or even laundry room (depending on size). You’ll want to have some key items on-hand and readily available once your stand-in has been established…
  2. Keep Stock of the Essentials (and Disposables) — Once you’ve designated a spot for your stand-in kitchen, keeping it stocked with the essentials—and disposables—is vital! We suggest running through what your daily routine normally would be and establishing what tools and appliances must be present, such as a coffee pot, toaster, and/or microwave. Remember, you want to keep only the essentials! Large, bulky items that are only used a handful of times should be packed away until your renovation is complete. Next, have plenty of disposable plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery to use. We also recommend having plenty of plastic baggies, too. The fewer items that require washing & can be disposed of, or recycled, the better! For the items that do need cleaning, consider keeping a basin close by that can double as a temporary sink.
  3. Plan & Prep Ahead – Another great tip we recommend to homeowners is to plan & prep some of their meals ahead of time. For example, make a few meals that can be frozen then simply defrosted when ready to eat (Pinterest has tons of plan-ahead recipes)! Be sure to also strategize your meals around the appliances you have on hand, too, such as your microwave, and/or portable griddle. You’ll also want—and need—to put your grill to good use during your kitchen remodel, as it can also double as an oven. Meats, veggies, and desserts: your grill can handle it all—that is, if the weather cooperates!
  4. Load-up on Nonperishables – Last but not least, remember to stock up on non-perishable snacks (this may require a trip to BJ’s)! As your kitchen undergoes its renovation, you’ll want to still have the comfort and convenience of being able to grab a quick bite to eat, so be sure your pantry well-supplied with quick & easy snacks. As you load up on supplies, keep an eye out for nonperishables that can also serve as meals for you & your family, too!

A kitchen remodel can be stressful, however, it’s important to retain that the inconvenience is only temporary. Remember to focus on the big picture: a brand-new kitchen! Once your remodel is completed, the headache of not having a functioning kitchen will soon become a distant memory! By implementing these 4 simple tips, the process can be less taxing on you & your family, and easily survivable!

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