5 Staples Every Good Front Porch, Deck, & Patio Need

deck, patio, and porch with seating

With the bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, and the buds starting to sprout—Springtime has officially reached the Hudson Valley. With Spring comes warm weather delight! One of the best places to enjoy the spring season is from the comfort of your own home. And, every good front porch, deck, and patio require a few staples items for maximum enjoyment. Here are our picks!

  1. Seating – It *almost* goes without saying that a good, comfortable spot to sit is an absolute must when it comes to your deck, patio, or front porch! Whether it’s Adirondack chairs, an outdoor sofa, or a solid wood rocker, your comfort is vital! Depending on size, you can also choose to do a combination of seating, too. Old, outdoor seating options can easily be revived with paint, stain, or even a light power washing (depending on material). Additionally, new cushions and pillows will instantly refresh what you have, too!
  2. Table – What pairs perfectly with comfortable seating? A solid table of course! A good table will clearly vary based on its functionality and the size of its location. For a front porch, you’ll possibly want something small, such as a side/end table that would be suitable for your morning java. On the contrary, for a patio, you may want something bigger such as a coffee table or outdoor dining table.  Keep in mind that your outdoor table doesn’t have to necessarily match your seating, either. You can easily upcycle an old terracotta pot into a side table or put your DIY skills up to the test for something more custom! BONUS: Pinterest is a great place to discover upcycled & DIY tables!
  3. Lighting – You won’t be able to enjoy your deck, patio, or porch without proper lighting. String lights, solar path lights, and lanterns are great options for your outdoor space, and can easily add extra appeal, too! We recommend implementing a combination of outdoor lights, candles, and lanterns that will help further create a serene outdoor ambiance.
  4. Bug Deterrent – While the warmth of the Spring and Summer are enjoyable, pesky bugs are not. We recommend incorporating some form of bug deterrent/repellent into your outdoor space. These days, citronella candles can be featured in decorative holders and lanterns, as do some Tiki torches/table torches. If you’re opposed to using candles or anything with a flame, there’s also a wide variety of repellent lights as well. BONUS: There are a wide variety of plants that naturally deter bugs, too! Lavender, Mint, and Marigolds are not only great for repelling mosquitos but also add colorful greenery to your outdoor area. Learn more here.
  5. Personal Touch  – What makes your outdoor space truly feel like your very own oasis? Your own personal touch! After all is said and done, the best way to fully enjoy your porch, patio, or deck is to include a little something extra; whether that’s a fire pit, garden gnome, or outdoor speakers, add something that will have you enjoying your space to its fullest potential!

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