Hallway Help: 8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Hallway

Two Hallways: left, displays floor runner, right, bare walls, wood floor

On the ever-growing list of home improvement projects, your home’s hallway is likely towards the bottom—if even on the list at all. It’s an awkward area, with vast wall space; decorating it can be challenging. However, there’s no need to ignore the blank canvas that’s in front of you! Here are 8 ways to spruce up your hallway!

  1. Ceiling – Take your design up a notch—literally! Making your hallway’s ceiling into a focal point draws interest upwards and can create a sense of height. This may work especially well for awkward hallways that are short and may lack useable wall space. Try implementing shiplap, neutral wallpaper, or simply a bold color for this area.
  2. Pattern Walls – Make your hallway walls wow-worthy by adding a graphic wallpaper or classic stripes. Wallpapering the hallway is a great way to add unexpected flair to an otherwise mundane area. Not a fan of wallpaper? No sweat! Try using horizontal or vertical striping. Wide horizontal stripes will help create depth and length, while vertical stripes will create height and the sense of tall ceilings. We recommend mapping out the stripes first with Painter’s Tape to achieve the right thickness and measurement.
  3. Ledge Shelf – Your hallway walls provide the perfect opportunity to install a ledge shelf. A ledge shelf is a slim, narrow shelf, with a 2.5” depth. These shelves are perfect for displaying pictures and artwork. We recommend keeping décor here to a minimum; it’ll create visual interest, without feeling cramped and cluttered.
  4. Lighting – Don’t forget about your hall’s lighting! A simple switch of light fixtures can make a world of difference! If your hall has the height, consider installing pendant lights. Swap out builder-grade fixtures for something more modern, or even have a professional install recessed lights. These simple changes can give your hallway an instant update!
  5. Floor Runner – Elongate your hallway with a floor runner! Floor runners not only add depth, but are also low-commitment and often budget-friendly. Adding this textile will boost your hall’s design. Whether you choose a chic, neutral runner, or something bold & colorful, adding a floor runner is easy and effective!
  6. Focal Point – Highlight the end of your hallway by creating a focal point. Take the opportunity to customize this area just as you would any nook. Add a splash of color, or fun wallpaper; hang a picture, artwork, or mirror, and finish this space with a credenza or potted plant. This focal point will draw attention to this area rather than the walls.
  7. Furniture – Don’t let extra space go to waste. If your home has spacious hallways, take the opportunity to implement slim-profile furniture. A narrow bench or sleek console are perfect incorporations that will improve the space and provide a relaxed feel. BONUS: Choose furniture that complements other pieces & styles in your home to create a cohesive look.
  8. Gallery Wall – We couldn’t talk hallway upgrades without mentioning a gallery wall. Gallery walls can be achieved with pictures or a combination of pictures and décor. Create a gallery wall easily by using online templates. You can also create a gallery wall with museum-esque vibes by using uniform frames set in a row.

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*Pictures courtesy of Google Images.