Addition and Decking in Beekman, NY

If you didn’t know already, my name is Alexandra and I am the Director of Marketing for DBS Remodel. I feel the need to reintroduce myself every couple of months, in case you just started reading along with us! If you are new to our blog, welcome! If this isn’t your first rodeo, welcome back, and thank you so much for your continued support!

I want to set this one up, mainly because this is probably one of the biggest transformations that I’ve seen since I became a part of this company two and a half year ago, and quite frankly, one of my all time faves. (Kudos on the design, Bob! Kudos to the homeowners for great selections! Kudos on the build / finished product to everyone involved!)

So without further ado, and before I babble any more because I could go on forever, I am about to present you with a little something that I like to call a large addition with a deck. Others may disagree with my choice of wording RE: ‘project type’, but I, however, think it is the perfect portrayal for the work that we have done. Judge for yourself!

DBS Remodel, Addition Before, Beekman, NYHere is a before shot of the home. Still a very nice house! However, the homeowners were looking for some added living space. The sunroom addition allows for a family room, where the couple can entertain and relax! We also extended their master bedroom, and added a garage bay. On top of that, we added a large deck off of the back of the home, that allows access from the new family room, as well as the master bedroom! The deck even has a little alcove where the homeowners have set up a sitting area. It’s to die for!

DBS Remodel, Addition Before, Beekman, NYAlas, we head around back to the rear of the home where most of the renovations are to take place. The plan? Bump out the master bedroom (left side), giving the couple way more space to relax, and more closet space for storage! The other bump out would be found on the opposite side of the home (right side, in case you already forgot that we were previously speaking about the left), essentially bumping out the dining room to make for more entertaining space. The hope of the homeowners was that they would obtain a small “nook” in between both of the additions to the home, where they could discreetly enjoy the outdoors. This was accomplished, and I am quite jealous of the space!

The transformation of this home has been tremendous. I stopped out at the jobsite close to the commencement of the job, and when I stopped out to take finished photos, I almost passed it. Check out some awesome during & after pictures below!

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