Millbrook Garage, Part 2

Welcome back to Part deux of our Millbrook Garage blog! You came back for more, so we’re going to give you more!

DBS Remodel, Millbrook GarageThe first thing I’d like to discuss is the lighting in your new garage. Ample lighting and electric is very important. The placement of outlets seems to be something that is not considered enough by homeowners, but since this is going to be such a rugged space in your house, you are probably going to need a plug from time to time, and if you’re anything like my family, more often than not. I’m pretty sure that it is not anyone’s ideal Saturday, to lug a 10-gallon compressor across the garage every single time you need to fill up a tire, because the outlets are in abundance on the opposite wall. How about a trip to the hospital because you couldn’t see the wire run across the floor due to inadequate lighting, so you stepped into the oil catcher and twisted your ankle? Still doesn’t sound too ideal, does it? The last thing we want is a casualty because there wasn’t enough lighting. The garage is no place to skimp out!

Will there be windows in your design? Natural light is also a great alternative to adding so much artificial light. Of course, the only downfall of relying on natural light is that when it’s dark out, you’re out of light!

DBS Remodel, Millbrook Garage
So many times people think of a garage as just a place to store things when in reality, it can be and is so much more! For instance, a little anecdotal history – my family has a super old barn / garage that houses our pool table, ping pong, darts, foozball, music, etc. The upstairs is used mainly for storage. I think that most people automatically think “a garage is where I put my car and the overflow of groceries that don’t fit in the pantry”. It can be so much more! Of course, most of this is a matter of preference, as most things are. However, these are some things we should at least be thinking about. Will you be spending

time” in this space? If so, a little sunlight and Vitamin D could actually help improve your mood! Here, I will also mention that the placement of the door from the garage space to the interior of your home is important, as well. Will you have a separate door leading to the outside of your home? Where might these doors make the most sense, mobility-wise?

Now, a big question – will there be storage? Built in shelves; and there is always plastic and metal shelving? Work benches? Ceiling mounted storage? There are so many options that can all be researched online. Will you have attic space built? It’s unreal the amount of planning and detail that can go into one generally open space.

DBS Remodel, Millbrook GarageBuilding a second story on top of the garage dwelling is also a great and inexpensive way to add living space to your home, since the foundation and walls are already in place. We see this very often, homeowners will take advantage of one project and build up at the same time. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone, and who wouldn’t love a little more living space!? Give your company their own “wing” of the home. It makes you seem way more accommodating… 🙂

This leads us to the placement of the garage on your property. Is your garage going to be so beautiful that it is the first thing you want your guests to see when they pull up to your house? Maybe you want to put it to the back of the side of the home. Make sure you really think things through before you go ahead and start this huge project. Make sure you covers all your bases!

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