Front Porch Revival: Easy Updates to Add Curb Appeal

 Two Images: One Brick Portico and One Front Porch with Red Door

The front porch of your home is more than just an entryway; it’s the unofficial greeting to guests, neighbors, and passersby and gives a brief, yet notable impression of your home & personality. With that in mind, what does it convey? Your front porch can be an extension of your living area and pivotal focal point of your home. Transforming it can be both an easy feat or extensive overhaul, depending on your budget. Some of the more expensive options include the addition of a portico/porch, installing a new door, and masonry work, such as a stone veneer. On the contrary, there are many easy & affordable updates that you can do that will refresh your front porch and add envious curb appeal!

It’s not in all the grand elements, but rather the small details that make updating your front porch easy! First, give your front entryway a good cleaning—we’re talking brake out the power washer, remove the clutter, and start with a fresh, clean pallet. Next, you’ll want to consider the following:

Door Color – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way, especially when updating your front porch! Assess the color of your front door; could it use a new hue? A vibrant, new door color can add impact without breaking the bank and can breathe new life into your entryway. Consider choosing a color that’s complementary to your home’s siding & style.

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Hardware – While we’re on the topic of your door, how’s the knob looking? Though this is a relatively small detail, replacing the weathered hardware for a new lockset will only help in updating its appearance!

Lighting – New lighting can make a world of difference when updating your front porch. However, the decision on what to select shouldn’t come lightly, as there are many different factors to consider (check out our lighting blog). For purposes of this article, it’s important to take cues from your home’s architectural style. Additionally, you’ll want to select lighting that comes in the same, or complementary finish to what’s already present.

Flower – Fresh flowers & greenery are a must when updating your front porch. Nothing is more inviting in an entryway than colorful blooms and botanicals. No matter what size your entryway is, a wreath of greenery and fresh flowers adds color and cheer. If you’re not limited on space, we recommend adding pots of different shapes and sizes, to add more depth & dimension.

 Before and after picture of a blue front door

Numbers – Another small detail that is often overlooked, are house numbers. Your front porch is the perfect place to experiment with different number styles and applications. House numbers can be applied directly to the door, on the surrounding trim, siding, or any columns/pillars that are present. For this upgrade, we recommend browsing through Pinterest for inspiration—you’ll be surprised by how many different options there actually are!

Décor – Lastly, consider your décor options. This update readily depends on the size of your entryway. Can additional seating be included in the space—if so, outdoor pillows make for a great color opportunity. Consider including lanterns for extra illumination and finishing touches such as a fun “Welcome” sign and patriotic flag.

A freshened-up front porch can be tackled in a weekend and will help make your home the star of the block with noticeable curb appeal. These updates are easy and for the most part, easy on your wallet, too!

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