DBS Remodel wins DCEDC Business Excellence Award!

So as many of you may, or may not know, DBS Remodel was recently given a wonderful award here in our local area. A number of things earned us the honor of receiving the Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation’s 2014 Business Excellence Award for Small Business. “This is a very important award for the company, mainly because it’s not biased. It’s not the way the nomination was worded, and it’s not dependent on how much money is made by the company annually. It’s based on true morals and values of the company, and how that plays out in the local community”, said Alex, Director of Marketing at DBS Remodel. It’s always been very important to our company to educate the consumer on a local level, so the fact that this organization picked DBS Remodel to represent the small business excellence category means a lot to us all.

Some history for those readers who may not know! Brian Altmann jumped into construction right of college, and established his business in 1986 in Poughkeepsie, naming it Dutchess Decking. In 1991, the company became Dutchess Building Specialists, as Brian had expanded services per customer requests. Now DBS Remodel employs 12 full time employees, and focuses solely on home remodeling work.

I just wanted to touch on a few of the points that led the DCEDC to choose DBS to represent small business excellence. Number one being that DBS’ priority is to constantly exceed client expectations by delivering exceptional customer service, and always seeking ways to improve. It is extremely important to us that we extend a smooth transition and deliver a positive remodeling experience to each individual that we are fortunate to work with. We pride ourselves on ensuring comfort and safety to homeowners, in fact, our niche is working in homes while the homeowners are living in them! A few other things that we do to make sure our clients are comfortable is provide home cooked meals, send the family out for dinner and a movie, pre-construction meeting held two weeks prior to job start to ensure that all are on the same page and that we, as a company, clearly understand the families wants and needs as we are a guest in their home; end of job interview, that allows us to poll the homeowner and find ways to improve our current processes. This meeting also allows us to understand better why we were hired in the first place! We also provide a project launch meeting, which is an aid to the homeowner’s selection process, weekly project follow ups, and proactive warranty calls after job completion.

Because DBS Remodel understands the value of a great remodeling experience, we have hand selected specific, local trades that we currently partner with, to ensure top quality and communication throughout all of our projects. All of the businesses involved in this Partner Program demonstrate the same level of customer service, and believe in the same values as DBS. In 2009, DBS Remodel launched the Remodel Smart Training Center, which was specifically designed as a resource and educational platform for homeowners, our trade partners, and the DBS Remodel staff. Its’ mission is to increase the level of professionalism in the remodeling industry and further promote the importance of an exceptional remodeling experience for all participants. DBS and trade affiliates co-sponsor free, educational seminars that the Center puts on for homeowners. The seminars educate homeowners on how to successfully interview and hire a remodeling contractor. Our goal is to help put the homeowner in the driver’s seat of their remodeling experience.

Lastly, I’d like to present you with The DBS Difference. We are always very proud to share the difference, as it is directly defined by what our clients have said about DBS. In over 2500 client satisfaction surveys, three key factors have shown consistently as most appreciated by our clients while working with our company; Cleanliness, Politeness and Trust.

Please enjoy some lovely photos from the event, as well as Brian’s acceptance/thank you speech. To read the Poughkeepsie Journal’s article on Brian and DBS Remodel, CLICK HERE!

< This is the wonderful, and might I add homemade, award that we received at the presentation!

DCEDC is such a wonderful company. They went out of their way to have these lovely cookies made for each of the evenings winners. Hats off to them for a wonderful evening!

Below is the write up that was in the evenings program! Thank you again to all involved!

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