Home Improvement Tips & Tricks: 5 Tips for Back to School

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Let’s face the facts:  August is almost over as “Back to School” fills the media waves, and we’re left one thought: “where the heck did summer go?”

Here at DBS Remodel, we’re always looking to help our clients & friends make any transition as smooth as possible; whether it’s prepping for a home remodel, picking out a paint color, or in this case, helping them get ready for Back to School season. We’ve compiled 5 easy Back to school tips and tricks to make things as easy as possible for any household!

  1. Clean the Closets –  When it comes to clothes, a good rule of thumb to live by is if the item hasn’t be worn in 6 months to a year, it’s safe to say you won’t be wearing this item anytime soon. We suggest donating items to local Hudson Valley residents at any of these destinations.
  2. Clear the Way – Getting the kids ready to for school can be hectic, but even more of a challenge is getting them out the door, on the bus, and to school with everything they need! Wherever your children leave & arrive home from, it’s important that the space is de-cluttered and organized. This makes it not only easier for you & your child but also helps in keeping your home looking clean.
  3. Organize – Keeping with the theme of organization, there are many tools to help conquer the clutter! First, invest in new shelving & racks. Shelving bins are a great way to organize your child’s outdoor & sporting gear (gloves, hats, baseball mitt, etc.) It’s also an easy way for your child to see if they have everything he/she needs for the day. New racks help keep shoes out of the way (no more tripping hazards) and lends for an opportunity to get rid of shoes that aren’t worn anymore/do not fit. Hooks go a long way, too. Hang jackets & coats, backpacks, and other articles, so that no item is left strewn about. (BONUS: let your child pick out his/her own decorative hook, so they have an easily identifiable and designated area for their stuff to go. Check out these hooks from Hobby Lobby)
  4. Schedule & Planning – This is a simple one, but makes the difference. Post a weekly schedule; creating a scheduled list of the upcoming events allows for you to easily plan ahead & visualize what your week will be like. You’ll also be able to prep for any scheduling conflicts. Be sure to include practice, appointments, and even tests! This will aid in getting everyone into a weekly routine and provides a great opportunity for the family to come together to discuss what’s ahead.
  5. Prepare – Now you may be thinking “okay well that’s obvious! Isn’t that the point of this article?” Much like our last tip, knowing what’s ahead helps keep everyone stress-free and organized. But aside from scheduling, you can prep other weekly factors. Meal preps will surely make your life easier during the week. There are many recipes that you can prepare ahead so that you can heat & eat later in the week. Crockpot meals are always an easy go to, and most time can be stored in the freezer for a later time. You can also meal prep your child’s lunches, too. Color coordinated Tupperware to the days of the week, or have them clearly labeled. Meal prepping is another fun, family-friendly activity. Aside from meals, prep what your child will wear from the night before; this helps combat the “I have nothing to wear” challenge and snooze-button blues.

There you have it! 5 easy tips for Back to School, brought to you by your friends at DBS Remodel. Now as for getting your kids to do their homework & eat their vegetables…we’re sorry, but we’ve got nothing!
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