Home Remodel Chappaqua, NY


Are you looking to remodel your home? Having trouble choosing the right company for the job? Do you live in the Chappaqua, NY area? Look no further for your home remodel project than DBS Remodel. DBS Remodel has been owned and operated since 1986, meaning we have the experience to tackle any home remodel or renovation job. Our team can tackle jobs from basement remodels, home expansions, new porches or decks, and sunrooms.

Sunroom Installations

Looking for the perfect spot for hangouts? Look no further than a sunroom for your home. Our sunrooms let in natural lighting and are installed with heating and cooling systems, so you can enjoy them no matter the season. These sunrooms not only provide a nice area for either relaxation or parties, but they add additional value to your home. If you’re looking for a sunroom in the Chappaqua, NY area, DBS Remodel has you covered. Send us an inquiry today!

Basement Remodels

Tired of that dusty and dingy basement? DBS Remodels can remodel your basement to give it a modern, updated look and feel. Our finished basements are perfect for either family fun spaces, or for specialty built entertainment areas. We offer updates for basement flooring, wall panels, ceilings, and specialty updates including bars and home theater designs. Our team is ready to tackle your next basement remodel. If you are in need of a remodel in Chappaqua, NY, contact DBS Remodel today!

The Home Remodel Specialists

    DBS Remodel can tackle the home remodel job of your choice. Our teams are waiting and willing to give you the home you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation and quote, and we’ll provide the best home remodel imaginable. Chappaqua, NY, your home remodel needs are answered, with DBS Remodel.

Call us at 845-485-8343 for more information.