4 Interior Improvements That Only Look Expensive

Interior Improvement

Interior improvements don’t always have to come with a hefty pricetag! In fact, there are plenty of upgrades that look more expensive than they actually are; and better yet, some can even increase the value you of your home! In a time where HGTV is more popular than MTV, many homeowners have the home improvement itch, but are still looking to save a few bucks! Below are four of our favorite cost-effective upgrades.

  1. Crown Molding – Our favorite high-end, yet practical upgrade is by far crown molding. Installing this simple feature can immediately provide a room with much more polish & luxe than it originally had. Furthermore, this element can easily increase the value of your home, too. Keep in mind, however, that crown molding can be difficult to install, so you don’t want to cut any corners when mounting (no pun intended)! BONUS: While we’re on walls, considering implementing wainscoting in your home. Like molding, this feature also provides a sophisticated look without being too hard on your wallet!
    interior improvement - crown molding
  2. Hardware & Fixtures – A great way to update your home without breaking the bank is to upgrade the hardware and fixtures throughout it. Consider the knobs & pulls in both your kitchen and bathroom and what condition they are in; can they be upgraded with a little paint or elbow grease (if brass) or should they be switched out altogether? A combination of both knobs & pulls in your kitchen will easily modernize its appearance. Additionally, change out old doorknobs, too. This upgrade is oftentimes overlooked but definitely packs a lot more punch in appeal than one would think.
  3. Curtains & Drapes – Upgrading old drapery and curtains may not seem like an interior improvement, however, this easy upgrade has impact—especially when hung correctly! Quite contrary to what you may think (and what’s typically done) curtains and drapes are not to be installed against/directly above window frames, but rather 4-6 inches above the window. Doing so creates the illusion of larger windows & taller ceilings. Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to the length of the curtain rod and the curtains themselves. Curtain rods should not be the same length as the actual curtain and furthermore, should be long enough to “kiss” the floor. There are plenty of online resources & videos to check out to help with this interior improvement and trust us, the end result can look luxurious!Check out this How-to Video on hanging curtains properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er3Th-AtEjs 
  4. Lighting – A room’s light source can significantly enhance its appearance or contrarily diminish its form. This interior upgrade can be as simple as switching out a light bulb for vibrant LED one, or as complex as replacing light fixtures altogether. If opting to replace a fixture, you can keep costs at bay by purchasing lights during peak sales weekends, such as Memorial Day or President’s Day weekend. We also recommend inquiring about any “open-box” fixtures, as these can have significant price reductions. Another great way to upgrade your home’s lighting and give it more visual interest is to consider the shaded areas. Under cabinetry lighting and lights in built-in units can make a considerable difference to a room’s appearance & sophistication.interior improvement - lighting

There are countless interior improvements to implore when wanting to advance your home’s appearance. And, while these are our favorite four, there are many more that can be done. Remember, you don’t have to a millionaire’s budget in order to have a home that looks like a million bucks!

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