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There are two words to describe the home trends for 2019: bold & unexpected. This year expect to see a lot more color, texture, and distinctive features in home improvements and renovations. Gone are the days of uniformity! Home trends for 2019 are sure to present homeowners with the opportunity to put their own unique personal touches throughout every room in the home; some bold, some bright, but all beautiful! Below find some of our favorite trends for the new year!

Geometric – Angles, Lines, & Spherical Shapes: say “hello” to geo! Expect to see a lot of geometric patterns this year. From linens to artwork, to even custom design features, geometric styles will be implemented throughout a variety of home elements for 2019. Most recently we read about geometric wall elements, such as wainscoting receiving a modern twist, custom geo. wood feature walls, and geometric stenciling. The geometric design is versatile as it is unique and is expected to be present in many homes this year, especially on the walls—there’s even rumor that geo. wall treatments may become more popular than shiplap, but we’re not believers just yet!

Wallpaper – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, wallpaper is back and it’s more popular than ever! Homeowners and designers alike are gravitating towards its ability to bring in surprising colors and statement patterns to rooms that are lackluster and need refreshing! But as we all know, wallpaper can go from bold to bad very quickly, so it’s best to take your time during the selection process. Be sure to also reflect on which room it will be used in, too, as to avoid choosing a wallpaper that works against the room rather than with it. We highly recommend consulting with a professional for this trend, as they will be able to best direct you!home trends 2019

Color – While white will remain popular across the spectrum, be prepared to see a lot more color entering into homes for 2019. Be on the lookout for these color trends:

  • The Dark Side: Dark, moody hues & jewel tones, such as emerald & forest green, deep purple, navy blue, and black are making their appearance among home improvements & decor. But most surprisingly will be the appearance of navy and black (yes, black!) cabinetry. While these two cabinetry colors are unexpected, they make for a classic, sleek, and sophisticated style in kitchens & bathrooms. Many homeowners who want to add some color in their kitchens but fear the bold pigment-commitment of navy or black are opting for two-tone cabinetry (light upper cabinets, dark lower cabinets or island). Keep in mind, these two hues pair perfectly with neutrals and whites and additionally lend to different styles such as modern, traditional, contemporary, transitional, & rustic.
  • Middle Ground: With its vibrant hue and golden undertones, “Living Coral” is Pantone’s color of the year for 2019. However, the earthy, desert clay color of terracotta is also reporting to be popular in homes for this year, too! The warmth of this hue has homeowners and designers equally drawn to it, as it is vivid yet calming. This color is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms, however, can be tricky to employ in some homes & spaces due to its muddiness. Contrast this color with black or white rather than brown and tan, for a clean look. Crisp neutrals work well for this color, too, such as grey and light blue. We suggest utilizing color inspiration pallets courtesy of your local paint stores and sites.

Tile – 2019 can’t be marked as the year of bold home trends without distinct tile features. In kitchens, professionals are seeing a lot of interest in the implementing of full-tile feature walls. While a daring backsplash is nothing new, a tiled backsplash that goes from countertop to ceiling creates a striking new design element, unique to what’s been previously seen. This trend tends to lend well for kitchens that are open, as it draws your eye into the space to the defined focal point. Another distinct tile trend of 2019 will be Moroccan tile floors in bathrooms. With its kaleidoscope-like pattern and array of color options, Moroccan tile has been popular among kitchen backsplashes & fireplace finishes. Now, this admired overlay is adding a bit of style & luxe to the loo, too! And while Moroccan tile lends to the appearance of a bold rug, it’s clean as bathroom tile should be.

Interested in having a Moroccan tile floor for your bathroom remodel? We suggest choosing the tile first, then revolving the rest of the color palette & design around it. Opt. for lighter, softer wall colors that complement the floor rather than clash.

home trends 2019

Ceiling – Expect to see a lot of attention trending above you! Known as the 5th wall, ceilings aren’t just the ignored surface in your home anymore. Many designers and architects are creating brighter, larger, and more dramatic spaces by focusing their attention to this often-unnoticed area. From vivid colors and daring patterns, to elegant moldings and timeless textures, statement ceilings are trending with lasting impact as they are much more memorable than the ever-common accent/feature wall.

Wood – Trend Question: How much wood would a household hold if a household only held wood…fashions? Okay, we admit: the woodchuck tongue-twister is much better than ours. But to answer, wood will be increasingly more prevalent this year than it was the last. It adds tons of character and warmth in a home and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Anticipate seeing an increase in medium-tone woods rather than lighter or darker ones, too. Wood also pairs perfectly with white and grey hues and adds charm that complements farmhouse style; it furthermore adds warmth to modern style, too, which at times can be stark & uninviting.

This year be bold; add a bit of personality and don’t be afraid of color! 2019 home trends welcome unique, personal touches, like these, that speak to not only the home’s style but the style of its homeowners, too!

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