Home Improvement Tips & Tricks: 2018 Trends

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With a new year, comes the sense of refresh, restart, & redo; a time for new – for you and your home. In a recent article published by Houzz, they address many trends that will influence home designs, décor, and materials in 2018, many of which may come as a surprise to you as they did for me. From bold, rich color pallets, to fish-scale backsplashes, 2018 trends will have you feeling inspired to rethink, revamp, and renovate your home. Here are a few of our favorite trends to look out for this year.

Matte Black Finishes. Kitchens and Bathrooms are embracing matte black finishes in 2018. These stylish elements complement a variety of styles, colors, and materials. From contemporary to the popular farm-style, these finishes are making a statement in a variety of spaces.

Color. From kitchens to décor, color is cutting through muted pallets. The ever-popular airy white continues to dominate most kitchen remodels, but while white is a classic favorite, many homeowners are looking to have a more unique kitchen space. To achieve such, many are embracing greys & blues, and warmer wood-tone pallets. These trends will lead to more sophisticated rooms in homes. In 2018, expect to also see the incorporation of jewel tones in décor and furniture trends. Vibrant reds, emerald greens, and royal blues, all make for bold, rich colors, creating luxurious focal points in spaces. Expect to see sofas and chairs with these tones. 

Dining Table Islands. Many homeowners, especially those with smaller kitchens, are rethinking thinking their layout. Families that tend to share many meals together are favoring dining room tables rather than big islands. And with today’s vast selection, dining room tables can come be topped with durable, counter-like materials, such as quartz. Tables as such double for dining and preparation.

Wallpaper-like Tile. Gone are the days where walls beckon to be bare. 2018 trends will show tile that looks like wood, fabric, resin, concrete, and yes, even wallpaper. Their versatility is what many homeowners will desire; elaborate patterns with modern style, that’s durable enough to be cleaned with a sponge, wipe, or detergent.

Incorporating Concrete. When you think concrete, your first thought may not be home accents & furnishings. However, concrete is a popular material that’s making its way into many homes. Concrete floors, tiles, and even furniture, are all expected in this year’s trend; It’s cool tones aid in creating an airy, modern-day feel, without being too bold. This humble material can function in many spaces in your home, depending on what’s needed and desired.

Feature Walls. With the popularity of DIY and utilizing reclaimed wood, expect to see many more feature walls incorporating these materials. Shiplap, wood, and millwork panelling are all making their way into many spaces to create perfect accents walls for homeowners, especially in bedrooms. A popular trend expected to continue for some time.

Fish-scale Tile. Scalloped or fish-scale tile, is favored to be the perfect backsplash for those who’ve grown bored of subway tile. With its elegant movement and simplistic style, it’s perfect for kitchens & bathrooms that are in need of more visual interest. This pattern comes in a variety of colors from crisp whites, to deep ocean blues, it’s perfect for any home’s style.

This year consider incorporating these 2018 trends into your home. Whether it’s a few brush strokes of fresh paint and new furniture, or a full-blown renovation, remember to select something that speaks to your home’s style and your own. And if you need help, contact DBS Remodel: when Cleanliness, Politeness, & Trust matter—now and throughout the new year!


For the full list of 2018 Trends, please visit: https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/93399913?utm_source=Houzz&utm_campaign=u6857&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gallery0&newsletterId=6857

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