Give the Gift of a Home Remodel

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It’s November, and let’s face the unavoidable truth: the holiday season is upon us, which means our homes will be flooded with guests regularly coming in and out. Our Kitchens and Bathrooms will gain plenty of use, while having enough space for everyone, and everything, will become evident. While some of us have an idea of what we’d like to give our spouse or partner, I sincerely (and seriously) ask if you’ve ever considered giving the gift of a home remodel. Now, you may be thinking that the idea of giving a home remodel is ludicrous, and I don’t blame you. However, during this time, in particular, do we become increasingly more aware that some of our home amenities are in need of a serious upgrade, and that there simply is not enough space. Kitchen & Bathroom remodels yield the best return on investment, as will creating more space via an addition or finished basement. Imagine, the gift that keeps on giving!

Picture yourself being surrounded by your family, friends, & loved ones in a home that actually accommodates everyone comfortably. Cooking up holiday feasts that you could only dream of in a newly remolded Kitchen and creating traditions that are sure to last a lifetime. The kids actually having a place to play and grow memories, after a hearty holiday dinner. Or, having a bathroom that you’re proud of, and want to show guests to. I ask families young and old alike when it comes to remodeling your home, what are you waiting for, especially during the holidays when again it becomes quite evident?

Realistically, if you decide to give the gift of a home remodel, your renovation may not be done in time for this season’s holiday events. However, that shouldn’t stop you from making this commitment to yourself and home. There are plenty more events & holidays outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Hanukkah—birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, and more! While a home remodel may seem outside the parameters of a typical holiday gift, it’s one that is sure to get the most regular use.

Here’s an added gift-giving bonus for a home remodel—depending upon the renovation, there are easy gifts to give afterward! New embroidered handle towels, a fresh set of pots and pans, upgraded Tupperware with lids that you can actually find, and that match! The list is seemingly endless, and that hard to shop for person doesn’t seem so hard anymore, does it?

The gift of a home remodel isn’t as outlandish as you once thought, and with the right team on your side, easy! DBS Remodel is dedicated to each & every job, determined to provide our clients with the very best. We work hard to make your remodeling dreams a reality. Imagine not only giving the perfect gift but also having a team behind that gift, striving to make it perfect. Give the gift of a home remodel this holiday season, and contact DBS Remodel today!


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Photo by Claudia Viloria on Unsplash