Home Improvement Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Remedies

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Cleaning your home is an inevitable chore that we must succumb to at one point or another (no matter how long we try to put it off). And these days, it seems as if there are multiple products for every aspect of your home, at a range of costs. I miss the days where there were only a handful of products that did the job—Windex for windows, Pledge for wood furniture, Pine-Sol for floors…Now, it seems that in order to clean your bathroom, you need a dozen products– “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

We here at DBS are always looking to be a resource to our clients & friends; whether it’s remodeling their home, or providing them with simple tips & tricks, we want to provide solutions to whatever the problem may be, including offering simple solutions to the daunting task of cleaning a home. Below are simple home remedies that’ll not only do the job but do the job right, at a fraction of the cost!

Grout – Mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide. Apply the paste to the grout area and let sit. After a few minutes, scrub gout with an old toothbrush, or the scouring side of a sponge. After, wipe paste away with a hot wet cloth.

Microwave – Take a microwave safe bowl or glass, filled with water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar (optional: add lemon essential oil for added fragrance). Microwave on high for two minutes, or until microwave glass is steamed. Wipe away, and ta-da! Microwave = Clean!

Hard Water Stains – Rub half a lemon on the desired fixture, & rinse (optional: add salt for added scrubbing power)!

Pet Hair – Use rubber gloves or a squeegee to remove pet hair from couches, chairs, carpets, and other furniture.

Pollen & Cobwebs – remove pollen, cobwebs, and other debris by using a lint roller over covered screens & walls. BONUS: try lint rollers on lampshades, too!

Granite – Add two cups of water to ¼ cup of alcohol; add 5-6 drops of dish soap, combine in a spray bottle. (Optional: add essential oil of your choice for added fragrance). Spray on granite and wipe away—your counter tops will sparkle & shine with this gentle solution.

There are various recipes for at DIY cleaning products, however, we suggest always having the following products on hand: white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, & lemons. Any combination of these products makes for an easy, affordable at home cleaning solution. And while we’ve only tackled a small fraction of these cleaning tips, we’re always looking to hear what you use & recommend. Let us know