Screen Porch | 3 Factors to Consider Before Building

Screen Porch Contractor in Dutchess County, NY

As Summer comes & goes, you can make the most out of your outdoor living space by considering the addition of a screen porch. By building a screened in porch, you can increase the value of your home, maximize your living space, and, depending on where you live, utilize the room almost all throughout the year. Most importantly, a screen porch is the perfect addition for relaxation throughout multiple seasons. Picture yourself waking up on a crisp fall morning, stepping out onto your screened in porch with a hot cup of tea, cozy blanket, and enjoying the fall foliage; or maybe enjoy an evening thunderstorm with a glass of wine and a good book! The opportunities are endless, but before building a screened in porch, consider these three simple factors:

  1. Size –a screen porch serves as additional living space, and generally, you wouldn’t want to feel cramped. Consider how big you’d like your screen porch to be, then consider the size of the furniture that may go in it. With plenty of screen porch designs to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed; explore some DBS Remodel’s screen porches here, and get inspired!screen porch design
  2. Height—relative to size, height is a major factor to consider when building a screened in porch. If you want to include a new outdoor ceiling fan, you obviously do not want low ceilings! But if you are opting for a smaller screen porch, tall ceilings will allow for the room to still feel larger despite the space.
  3. Location—the location of your screen porch may not seem too important, however, consider the location of your potential screen porch relative to where you live; is your home located on a busy street with a lot of noise? If so, a four season sunroom may be the better option (learn more here). Also, consider this—if you’re one for dinner parties, a screen porch off your home’s kitchen/dining area would not only be convenient but meals simply taste better & are more enjoyable outside (plus no pesky bugs!)

Whether you choose to entertain in your screen porch, utilize it as a space for relaxation, or choose both, the most important factor is making sure you hire the right professionals to do the job. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, DBS Remodel can give you the screen porch of your dreams. Contact your friends at DBS Remodel today–When Cleanliness, Politeness, & Trust Matter!