Home Improvement Tips & Tricks: Adding Curb Appeal

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Let’s state the obvious: Not everyone has the budget to do a home remodel. However, there are plenty of Home Improvement ideas that are easy and affordable to do. One of the easiest, and most affordable, ways to refresh the look of your home is to simply add a bit of curb appeal! Curb appeal refers to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Here’s a compiled list of some fast and affordable home improvement ideas to help improve your home’s curb appeal.

  • A Flag & Seating: Hanging up Old Glory and adding some seating goes a long way. An American flag adds a splash of color to the front of your home, while seating provides a warm, inviting welcome. Another suggestion is either incorporating a Rocking Chair or Adirondack chair for optimum relaxation on a warm Summer night.Front Porch, Home Improvement Idea
  • Entryway: A fresh coat of paint goes a long way! Freshen-up your front door with a new (possibly bold) color! Add either a decorative door knocker or house numbers to further dress it up! Or if you prefer, add a decorative wreath that accents your front door’s new color! Then, tie it all together with a new light fixture and matching hardware. BONUS: Adding symmetry to your entry way is visually more appealing! Frame the door with matching light fixtures and plants on either side to give your entrance maximum appeal.
  • Outdoor Illumination: Not only does adding a bit of light help to guide you and your guests safely inside your home, but it also can be the perfect accent to your home, pathway, and/or landscaping! You can also opt to do without the wiring by investing in solar fixtures.
  • Landscaping: Now you don’t have to have a green thumb in order to tackle this home improvement project. You can simply add plants and shrubbery that best fit your lifestyle. If your front yard is small, opt to simply frame your doorway in flowers (or depending upon the season, pumpkins!) You can create a unique look with different pots of different elevations. If your yard is a bit bigger, combine flowers with trees/shrubs and fresh mulch. Landscaping adds some color to your home’s exterior, and therefore, more curb appeal and warmth. Remember, read plant tags to know if your landscaping will require a lot or little maintenance.Siding, Entryway, Front Porch
  • Window Boxes & Shutters: Similar to landscaping, plants make for a more welcoming home exterior. Add window boxes with colorful flowers that accent your home’s siding. You can also add new shutters that complement your front door, porch, and/or deck. If your home already has shutters, freshen them up a bit with a new coat of paint–like we said, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way!
  • Porch, Deck, Siding: This home improvement idea may be a bit more costly, but it can be worth the payout in resale value. Adding a small front porch or deck can liven up your home’s curb appeal, while it also has the potential to be a haven for relaxation. Revamp your home’s exterior with new siding, and breathe life back into your home’s curb appeal. Top off the look with new moldings around the window, or restore the existing with paint/stain (need we remind you about paint again?)

Front Porch

So there you have it–quick, easy, & affordable home improvement ideas to add some curb appeal. Remember, if you are looking to do a home remodel or renovation, contact your friends at DBS Remodel—When Cleanliness, Politeness, and Trust Matter!