5 things to consider when replacing your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Remodel in Dutchess County, NY

Imagine sitting on your couch. You are scrolling through Pinterest on your tablet and you see a ton of quick and easy DIY kitchen remodel ideas. You are specifically drawn to the ones about refreshing your kitchen cabinets because it seems so easy. Your wheels start to turn and you think “Maybe I’ll update my kitchen this weekend” because let’s be honest, Pinterest can make a weekend seem like enough time. Unfortunately, we can tell you from experience, kitchen updates are not that easy, even when it comes to something that seems as simple as your kitchen cabinets. There are several things to consider with any kitchen update that you may not even realize.

Here are 5 things you may not have known need to be done and/or considered when replacing your kitchen cabinets:

  1. DBS Remodel New Kitchen CabinetsRemoving countertops. When changing the cabinets, you may need to remove the current countertops. In order to avoid damage. However, if you are not extremely careful and precise when doing this, there could be damages to your countertop. These damages could be minor or significant depending on your situation and expertise and can lead to an added expense you didn’t initially anticipate.
  2. Reinforcing new cabinets. When replacing your cabinets, you will need to reinforce the new cabinets with horizontal blocking behind the sheet rock. This process will ensure that the cabinets will properly hold the weight of the contents you wish to store inside. This leads us perfectly into the next area of consideration.
  3. Building Permits! Once you open the walls and remove the sheetrock, you will need to file for a building permit with your Town. When remodeling with DBS Remodel, we take care of this step for you, eliminating the stress involved in this process. We want our homeowners to concentrate on the excitement of the remodel, not the stress!
  4. Dimensional footprint. How will those new cabinets affect the dimensional footprint of the entire room? What we mean by this is how will the existing countertops, flooring, and backsplash look now that you have updated the kitchen cabinets? Will the style and color pallet be complimentary or will they clash? Did you install modern kitchen cabinets in an antique inspired kitchen? Or, maybe the updated kitchen cabinets will look out of place with the rest of your kitchen that is still outdated. This may mean additional work, which is another additional expense and more time.
  5. Brian Altmann, Kitchen CabinetsMeeting codes. Although simply updating your cabinets will likely not mess with any building or electrical codes, it is still something to consider before doing the work. Do you have to move any outlets or update any electrical connections to accommodate your new cabinets? Are you thinking about getting any new appliances to further compliment your new cabinets? As your kitchen is taking shape, some of these questions and/or complications may arise, and codes will need to be considered, and met. When it comes to electrical and structural updates, this is something best left to the professionals. A Design Build Firm such as DBS Remodel, can assist you with this. All trusted parties involved in your remodel project with DBS pay close attention to detail, and will work professionally and efficiently throughout every stage of the job.

While Pinterest is a great platform for gathering ideas and sparking creativity, there is a lot to consider before tackling large projects like kitchen renovation. We believe that such an important part of your home should be left up to the professionals. However, if you are interested in DIYing your kitchen remodel, it is very important to do your research and consider everything prior to beginning. If you are updating your kitchen cabinets make sure to ask yourself the questions posed above. If you are ready for a professional kitchen update without the stress, call DBS and turn your visions into reality!