DBS aims to educate clients

(Poughkeepsie Journal: March 31, 2014)

By Karen Shan


journalA couple of years ago Brian Altmann and Bob Lutz noticed a need for education among remodeling clients.

“We collectively identified that there are so many homeowners that go into this process with very limited knowledge and we’ve learned from our clients that we’ve worked with; we’ve learned about their past experiences that were not good,” said Altmann, president of DBS Remodel in Poughkeepsie, where Lutz is operations manager.

That was when they established the company’s first free homeowner seminar where people could learn about the remodeling process, including the job scope, contracts, questions to ask their contractor and more.

In the five years since, the team has led many such seminars to the advantage of the attendees and DBS Remodel. Last year 36 percent of the company’s clients came from a seminar.

“Originally it was done to help inform potential clients,” Altmann said of the seminars. “It’s been very good for business. It’s been exceptional for business.”

Hosting professional seminars, in fact, not only allows businesses to educate attendees, but also increases a company’s visibility while opening a door to potential clients.

Donna and Vinny Lowndes of LaGrange had DBS Remodel update and expand their kitchen plus add a screened-in porch to their home after attending a seminar last April.

“We definitely got a very good idea of what to expect,” Donna Lowndes said.

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