LaGrange Kitchen Remodeling

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Today we will be talking about one of our LaGrange Kitchen Remodels! We’re always so proud to share our knowledge and showcase our work virtually, thanks to the internet! Once again, I’ve joined forces with the one and only Brian Altmann to bring to you a great kitchen blog!

DBS Remodel's LaGrange Kitchen RemodelKitchens are quite complex and I can imagine that it can be a bit overwhelming when planning a remodel for the most frequented room in your home. It’s very important, when planning a kitchen remodel, to think time frame and also the time of the year that you are considering. For instance, planning your remodel not around any holiday planned events at your home, or any get togethers, since your kitchen will be out of commission for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the extent of the job.

It’s difficult to know where to exactly start when planning a renovation, especially when it’s to your kitchen. Something that we suggest you begin thinking about prior to your remodel are a few things that you really DISLIKE about your current kitchen. These would be things like a layout that doesn’t work well for your family, inaccessibility, inadequate lighting, etc. After you’ve identified a few of these things, it’s time to identify a few things that you are looking for in your new kitchen. Things like an open concept, custom racks, easier access to the back of your cabinets, etc.

DBS Remodel's LaGrange Kitchen RemodelLet’s first talk about lighting. As we all know, lighting is very important in a kitchen. Natural light really makes all the difference in the room. Most homeowners want to maximize the amount of possible natural light, so this is something to be discussed when coming up with a design for your kitchen. The second important kind of light is task lighting. The obvious fix is to add under cabinet, or wall, low-voltage task lighting. Recessed lighting is also very popular for some added lighting. Décor lighting has become very popular, for example, lighting the interior of your glass front cabinets.

DBS Remodel's LaGrange Kitchen RemodelFlooring can make all of the difference in your kitchen. Whether you want something rustic, or modern, there is something for everyone! Ceramic tile and strip linoleum are very popular, however every product has its’ pros and cons. Ceramic tile cleans easily and is super affordable! However, it can be very cold, and break easily. The upside of tile is that it heats quickly, so an option would be to add radiant heat underneath to warm the floor. There are also surfaces like stone, laminate, vinyl, concrete, cork, etc. You can find some pros and cons by clicking HERE and visiting this Houzz article on Kitchen Flooring 101!

DBS Remodel's LaGrange Kitchen RemodelStill on the topic of surfaces, let’s talk a bit about countertops! There are many different materials and styles to choose from; far too many to discuss here! We usually want our countertops to match, and be somewhat uniform with the rest of our kitchen, so when making your selections, it’s good to have samples of what you have already chosen so you know if it makes sense. Laminate countertops are popular, and absolutely the best bang for your buck. Some other popular materials used for countertops granite and stone like marble. Both of these come in a large variety of colors. Concrete is also popular for countertops, along with manufactured stone and tile. Check out other options and pros/cons HERE, in Houzz’s article on Kitchen Flooring 101!.

Stay tuned for part two of our Lagrange kitchen remodeling blog!