Wappingers Falls Bathroom, Part 2

DBS Remodel, Inc, RemodelSmart

As we continue to journey through your new bathroom, we’d like to mention a little something that doesn’t seem too important at 30, but could make a huge difference at 60. That point is that mobility can become an issue as we age gracefully! Are you planning on spending the rest of your time in this particular house? No one wants to think about it now, but the reality is that it’s going to happen to all of us. Why not already start thinking about it while you already have some demolition going on? DBS is proud to be a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) remodeler, and endorses and understands Universal Design. We are always encouraging clients to think ahead, and this is why we offer the idea of placement where grab bars may come in handy; as well as low threshold, barrier free shower entries! Think practical!

Storage can be scarce if your bathroom is on the smaller side, so this is something you may want to be thinking about as you design. A big decision to get the most out of your space is DBS Remodel, Inc. Wappingers Falls Bathroomyour vanity selection and/or cabinets. Think about choosing a vanity with plenty of drawer and counter space. A few other options for added storage could be a toilet tank topper that holds a generous amount, or maybe a medicine cabinet with mirrored faces instead of just a mirror on the wall. Do you have some extra space in another room that you’d be willing to sacrifice for a bathroom linen closet? Knocking out a wall to give you that extra bit of room that you are looking for can be a huge problem solver!

Building on the practical stuff: lighting. Why is lighting important, you ask? Especially around your sink? Great and plentiful lighting around your sink is one of the best investments that you can make. Make sure there are no obstructions in the lighting, this way the mirror has a clear view of your face. Recessed light in the ceiling with a lens tends to be a great way to get plenty of light around your bathroom. Also, keep in mind night lights so that you and your family can find your way around a dark bathroom without flipping on the lights when your eyes are not adjusted. The bathroom also needs an exhaust fan, whether it be manual or on a timer A fan on a TIMER? What could be better?! That is simply brilliant. The fan is used to clear the room of shower steam so that mold and mildew don’t see your brand spankin’ new bathroom as a beautiful living space! This also allows fresh air in so that you can actually see the mirror to do your makeup, or get a nice shave.

KapplerFoster Finished Pics 4 18 08 005 resized 600Now, let’s move onto the floor! Of course, style is one of the factors that rope people into certain flooring. As you can imagine, it can get very slippery, on new tile especially, when you get out of the shower with no mats. Of course, this also constitutes for a job well done, leaving the tiles clean and shiny, with no foggy grout-y mess! However, this can also be very dangerous! Some companies do make a non-slip tile to use on your floor. Also, utilizing bathmats can be a good alternative while dressing up your bathroom! A nice feature that we are seeing more of is radiant heating in the floor, which allows the floor to warm, so you can ditch the slippers and walk barefoot on your new tile without having ice cubes for feet. It also allows you to expose the tile more instead of covering it up with mats. There are all types of floor heating systems, for instance, you can use cables or tubing in the floor; and the methods of installing electric and radiant systems in floors are very similar. Fall is here and walking around on cold tile is never fun in the morning! Want more heat? An easy way to keep your bathroom nice and toasty is to install a kick space heater under the vanity, and/or heat lamps in the ceiling!

There are so many options – this is just brushing the very top of the surface. As always, we recommend that you do your research before committing to anything! Good luck, and your friends at DBS are here to answer any questions you may have!