DBS Remodel, Inc and the Warrior Dash Pt. 2!

warriordashenter resized 600Back to our story!

There isn’t much drama left to tell, because, well… almost all the rest of the course is downhill! (Side note: downhill isn’t necessarily easy when you’re running on hay and you’re wet. Try it at your own risk.)

We enter the next obstacle, which requires you to army crawl over rocks, and under a net that’s about a foot high off of the ground. I don’t know that I’ve ever really army crawled in my life, to be honest – so there I was, belly almost on the ground when good old Brother Ken tells me that he has to go first because he will smoke me. I know better than to challenge Ken, so of course I let him cut me. When I tell you he wasn’t kidding in the least bit, I am not exaggerating. It took him about 30 seconds to get through, when it took everyone else close to a 1 ½ minutes. He and I finished quicker than the other guys, so we decided to already move on to the next challenge and meet them.

Lucky for me, the next challenge was the mud hills! This was probably one of my favorite obstacles. It was basically three huge holes that they dug out of the earth and in between these huge holes, they put the dug dirt to create a hill; so not only were you stepping down into water and muck that came above your knees, but in order to get to the next water hole, you had to find a way to get over a huge, mound of dripping mud. It was so mucky that while walking through the water, my feet were actually getting sucked in. There were a total of three mounds and three holes, and most of us made through them all with mud up to our waists, however, Brian and Ken decided to have a bit of a wrestling match. They both came out like mud monsters, head to toe covered ; even teeth!

brianAfter this obstacle, we started to pick up the pace a bit. The path led across the mountain and down a fairly steep hill that led you through the woods and over a small bridge. Then, we descended the last massive dirt hill, full of tons of tiny, slippery pebbles. As we approached the next obstacle, I remember looking at it from afar and saying, “Ehhh, I don’t think I can do this one”. It was two pieces of plywood back to back, each on about an 80 degree angle. At the top, thick rope with knots tied were attached. The goal was to walk up the wall by holding onto the rope, get over and walk back down the other side. We all made it, and no one was hurt!

The next obstacle was to jump over fire, which the website made look a whole bunch worse than it actually was. Thought that I would be afraid to do it but the flames were only about a foot off of the ground.

As we approached our last obstacle, I think we all breathed a small sigh of relief, but also of sadness. I know for myself, I was very happy I was accomplishing the course, but in a way had such a blast that I didn’t want it to end. The last obstacle was a wide hole dug into the ground, about 2 ½ feet deep and filled with water. The catch? The hole had barbed wire running across the width so that you were forced to pull yourself along with your hands. Not only was the water super muddy, but there were hundreds of woodchips floating in it. Under the barbed wire we went!

We all hugged, high fived, chest bumped, the whole nine yards … because the next obstacle was the finish line!

After3 resized 600It’s the proudest I’ve felt in a while. Not only of myself and the guys for completing the course without dying, but proud of my colleagues, friends and family for supporting us and making donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We are also proud to say that we donated $1,350.00 towards the cause! We’re very excited to beat out our current total next year… and we’ll probably take the training part seriously. Whoops!

See ya next year, warriors and DBS Remodel Inc. employees!

Catch a sneak peek of our Warrior Dash video HERE! on YouTube ….. or below!