Remodeling Kitchen

So it’s been quite a while, I know. Our marketing department has been busy here at DBS in Poughkeepsie, NY! However, we are back and better than ever. We have a clearer understanding of what we want to give you, and what you are looking for. SO, happy reading and it’s nice to see you, as always!

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Today we will be talking about kitchens, and all aspects. I have joined forces with Brian Altmann, the owner of DBS, to brainstorm the ins and outs for a kitchen remodel.

Most kitchen remodels start out with a laundry list of things that the homeowner doesn’t like about their current kitchen. Some of the most popular dislikes are things like inadequate light (task or natural), awkward flow/layout, too small/narrow/outdated, inaccessible cabinets, flooring, etc. If you find yourself thinking one or more of these things, it may be time to call DBS and schedule an introduction appointment! A few of our more popular wants are custom spice racks, easy access to back of cabinets by lazy susan, and open concepts, there the kitchen flows into the dining room, which flows into the living room.

under cabinet lightingNow onto the changes. We’ll start from top of the kitchen and work our way down. Our first order of business is lighting. Like we had mentioned earlier, most homeowners complain that there is not enough, whether it be task, natural, or both. One light fixture in the center of the room is usually not sufficient. It is very popular to add some recessed lighting, however this is also not usually adequate lighting for the many tasks carried out in the kitchen, as it tends to cast shadows. The obvious fix is to add under cabinet, or wall, low-voltage task lighting. Décor lighting is also very popular, for example, lighting the interior of your glass front cabinets. This adds a nice touch!

casementwindowAnother way to get some more light into your kitchen, and the most popular option, is to replace a double hung window over your sink with something called a casement window (one that cranks outward). It is also really popular to hang pendant lights over an island, or peninsula, to give that added lighting. The style of pendant lights you choose can really dress up your kitchen! Added bonus!

There are many options for flooring in your kitchen. What’s popular right now is strip linoleum flooring, as well as ceramic tile. The downfall of ceramic tile is that it can be cold and break easily. You can add radiant heat underneath the tiles to warm the floor. Other popular options are hard wood (softer vs. harder), stone and laminate floating floor.

Kitchen4Countertops are a huge component of what makes or breaks a kitchen. The color and style of your countertops can change the entire look of the focal point of your home. Laminate countertops are popular, and absolutely the best bang for your buck. Some other popular materials used for countertops granite and stone like marble. Both of these come in a large variety of colors, but the most popular are green and yellow. Concrete is also popular for countertops, along with manufactured stone and tile.

Stay tuned for part two of our Kitchen Remodeling blog!