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Your fishkill bathroom could be beautiful!

Good afternoon homeowners, friends, colleagues, fellow DBS employees, and anyone else whoYour fishkill bathroom could be beautiful! may be reading this blog! This is meant to give you a bit insight into a bathroom remodel! Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable while remodeling your home, to give you the right tools to choose the remodeler that is right for you and your family, and help you put yourself in the drivers seat of YOUR remodel. I would like to reiterate that I am not a remodeling guru! I acquire this information sitting down with one of the more knowledgeable associates in our company and ask them to tell all about the ‘must-knows’ when doing a specific job type. Since I am pretty close to having the same knowledge that most first time remodelers have, it’s easy to translate the information into layman’s terms! Future blogs, as well as past blogs, are by no means meant to pinpoint a specific persons’ job, nor do we promise to cover every detail in a remodel. Our goal more in the direction of giving you a few things to think about when considering a remodel; and of course to have a little fun while doing it!

Your fishkill bathroom could be beautiful!Your fishkill bathroom could be beautiful!

First up is one of the main focal points of the bathroom: the shower/bathtub! This can make or break your bathroom with how it’s constructed, as well as what kinds of materials you use. Fixtures can make a huge difference so I would look at quality and match, rather than price. I’m not trying to sell you, but here at DBS, we encourage homeowners to choose items on what will continue to make them happy in 5 years, not make their pocket happy in 5 minutes. Another way to look at it is to pay more now, but less later! It also really comes down to preference. Sometimes the deciding factor is due to factors that are out of your control, for instance your real estate broker tells you that in order to sell, you must have at least one tub in your house. Also, a lot of choices are made by following trends. Scenario: your significant other receives a home and garden subscription and the next words out of their mouth are, “sweetheart, I must have this bathroom!” The catch is, the design in your head already factors in a stand up shower that replaces the tub. This allows for more practical, useable space. Both of these ideas (tub & shower) prove to be work, however we find that the most current trend is tubs turning into beautiful custom shower stalls with fancy grab bars, bench seats and alcoves for soap and shampoo. The great thing about converting to a shower stall is that it can be completely custom. For instance, you can choose between an acrylic shower base and a custom tiled shower. Homeowners can decide if they want a traditional wall shower, if they’d like to halve out the partition wall or take it out all together and replace with a full glass wall to open up the room. Another design option is a frameless glass shower door! The options are endless so prepare yourself!

Your fishkill bathroom could be beautiful!Your fishkill bathroom could be beautiful!

While continuing to think about your shower, another option is to add a bench, as we mentioned earlier. If your answer is “yes, we definitely want a bench!”, the next question isYour fishkill bathroom could be beautiful! whether to build it into the wall and continue with the tile design, or to attach a flip down bench to the wall so that no space is lost when it’s not being used. This now raises the question of where you will put your shelving, if you are getting shelving! Will you get a shower caddy, install corner shelves, or build in niches into the wall so that they are not obtrusive?

As we continue on this road to constructing your new shower, a point raises itself. That point is mobility as none of us are getting any younger! Are you planning on aging in this particular house? No one wants to think about it now, but the reality is that it’s going to happen to all of us. Why not prepare now? DBS is a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) remodeler and endorses and understands Universal Design. We are always thinking ahead, and this is why we offer the placement of grab bars, as well as low threshold, barrier free shower entries! Practicality is key!

Stay tuned for the second half of our bathroom blog for Fishkill Bathroom remodeling homeowners!

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