Beacon Front Porch

Whether you’re building a front porch from scratch, replacing, updating, or adding on an enclosed screened-in porch, you can rest assured that our attention to detail and quality of workmanship will hopefully exceed your dreams and expectations. Capture the craftsmanship and detail of the past and give your home the grand entrance your family and guests will remember!

DBS Remodel Inc., Front Porch

Our motto about porches here at DBS is “Outdoor living, made possible!” Expanding the living space to include nature, a porch takes you outdoors, allowing you to have more space. Is your existing porch warped, cupped, bowed and splintered? Create a custom porch with less hassle and maintenance. Our extensive research and education on composite materials gives you this peace of mind.

The cool thing about a porch is that it can be totally customizable, as long as it fits within the codes. Since we are so proficient in front porches here at DBS, we will give you some things to think about when considering a porch! And we’ll start from the beginning…

Who doesn’t love their front porch to look beautiful? One of the first things that you need to consider as a smart consumer and homeowner is what types of products you are going to use. This is where your research comes in handy. As a homeowner, you have to take into account the kind of maintenance you want to do on this new addition to your home. We at DBS offer use of all types of products, from low maintenance to high! You tell us the look you are going for, and your wishes, and we will make it happen!

The second thing to be sure of is that your design is architecturally sound. As a homeowner, your best bet is to work with someone to make sure that the columns are correctly proportioned to the house, and that the overhang is supported correctly by the design. All of those types of practical things! (The boring, we know, but very necessary stuff!)

Now for the fun step; the dreamer’s step! You more than likely already have a vision in your mind, but this is the part where you should begin to really dream up the style of your new front porch. There are so many ways that we can create your perfect dream porch. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the style is suitable for the style of your house. Are you a fan of the new, modern style porch? Or are you leaning towards an older, more Victorian style front porch? You decide!

When thinking about the style of your porch, you also have to consider the depth, which is something most people would never even think about. In figuring this out, you really need to think about what kind of “feel” you are going for. What we mean by “feel” is what the purpose of the porch is. Is it just a place for your guests to approach your front door? Or is this going to be a place of relaxation, where you will want to have a few chase lounges and end tables? All of this factors into how deep you are going to make your porch to accommodate these fixtures. The last thing that you want is to be disappointed with your new porch because you can’t squeeze in your furniture!

The next thing to think about is the roof line, and how you want it to complement the existing structure’s design. From a design standpoint, we don’t want the addition to the house to look like an add-on. The point if that the new porch matches and looks natural.

Along the same lines of a design view, the homeowner should think about the presentation of the front stairs, leading to the porch. They should look inviting, and they should be proportionate to the porch. How many stairs? Centered or off to the side? In the front of the porch, to the side, or both?! The possibilities are endless!

DBS Remodel Inc., Front PorchA large part of the presentation of the porch, as well as the house itself, is the skirt for the porch. What style are you going for? Do you like the look of the poles by themselves? How about framed lattice panels with a pattern? Or even, if you’re feeling fancy, a nice stone veneer? This is where you really get to dress up your porch.

Last, but definitely not least, you should consider the electrical work that may need to go into perfecting your area. For instance, recessed lighting tends to look really nice on a front porch, and adds to the richness of it. Maybe you’d like to add a nice ceiling fan to move that stagnant, summer air. These are all things that should be thought about when constructing a front porch!

We invite you to visit our office, or our website, for a full presentation of our custom composite decking. Learn today, benefit tomorrow.