Hudson Valley Home Remodel

DBS Remodel, Inc., is a an award winning, full service design / build residential remodelingDBS ColorCorrectLogo company that prides themselves on providing superior customer service and impeccable quality standards in material and workmanship. DBS Remodel, Inc. offers design consultation, additions, renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, restorations, exterior renovations, and attractive outdoor living spaces including traditional porches and custom decking! We would like to add that we have a number of hand-selected, trusted partners, who believe in the same quality of work and values as DBS, this way we are a one stop shop to your remodel! We also provide a resource button located on our website that helps homeowners find help in whichever field they may need work in. We would be happy to assist you in finding a trusted tradesperson anywhere from electricians, to pool installs, to gutter installation. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop resource to all of your home needs!

DBS composes a newsletter that not only their clients, but anyone with an e-mail can receive! The newsletter is a well rounded, interesting chunk of information that will amuse you, while it acquaints you with our line of work, our company, and the people in it. Trust and understanding is so important during your remodel, so we want to extend a hand and let you into the world of DBS as you are letting us do with yours! There is a sign up form on our website if you are interested in becoming a part of our monthly newsletter mailing list!

Here at DBS Remodel, Inc., we see it as a privilege to be helping you create your dream house. Because your time is so valuable to us, DBS offers a number of events to aid in the perfect home remodeling experience. The remodeling industry holds a tough exterior in that its’ reputation tends to lack trust and confidence. To help homeowners become better educated, DBS conducts free, educational seminars that help homeowners choose the right home remodeler for them, right here in the NY Hudson Valley! These seminars include your “remodeling 101” guide which gives away the keys to a successful remodeling experience! It also offers the top 10 questions to ask when hiring a remodeler, and understanding a well written contract. DBS also plans to offer a number of different workshops that are conducted right at our showroom. We partake in a Spring home show, which helps to educate homeowners on the services that we do offer. Another company event that we are proud of is our Remodeling Night that takes place right in our office/showroom. This is where homeowners can take advantage of our company’s knowledge in the field, question the people that experience it firsthand, and get acquainted with who we are as a company!

We feel honored to not only view our clients as business partners, but also friends. We realize the little things that matter to you and your family, and rank them of high importance to ourselves while we are working in your home. DBS is by your side to guide you through every single step of the process. We believe that not only should you be excited to get that dream bathroom or kitchen that you have always wanted, but to enjoy the experience as a whole and should remember it! It is quite the milestone. We realize that this is a big step in anyone’s life and pride ourselves on making it the easiest it could possibly be without interfering with your everyday life.

We welcome you at any time to visit our office/showroom and check out our portfolios. Whether you’re thinking of a remodel now or are just looking for ideas, we’ve done some extensive work that might be a good start to your home remodel, or future remodel! Our niche is working in your home while you’re living in it and we truly do appreciate your time!