Three Season Room

We all know what it’s like to be under pressure while planning to host an event at your own home. Do we have enough space? Is the weather going to cooperate? The three season room, or sunroom, is the perfect compromise between indoors and outdoors! It keeps you safe from the outdoor elements such as sun, poor weather, and pesky bugs; as well as being the perfect ‘addition’ to your house, without actually being and addition! You get more space without the cost.

Brian Altmann Sunroom Three Season Room

DBS Remodel, Inc. sees it as a privilege to work with homeowners, helping to make their dream home a reality. In saying this, we understand that there are needs, and there are wants; and there is a definitely a difference between the two. A three season room could be either one! Some people use it as a luxury, and some see it as a necessity. For instance, if you are a family that enjoys entertaining, a three season room can be a great addition to your home for the added space alone. DBS has had the opportunity to lie out and construct numerous types and styles of three season rooms since opening for business in 1985, so it is safe to say we are proficient in these, among many other things!

There are so many reasons that may not be visible on the surface, that a three season room may be right for you. Number one, and this is probably one of the main reasons that homeowners go with a three season room, is that it proves to be very cost effective. Yes, we are technically adding an additional room to your home, but because this space is not heated (hence, three season room – another hence, the fourth season is winter), it is not categorized as habitable space, also known as an “addition”. Don’t fret! It is not impossible to use it in the winter – that is just not what it is meant for. Here at DBS, we do insulate the walls and use insulated windows, this way any heat that is in the room is hardly lost. Like we mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it year round. Another plus side! Since it is classified as a three season room with no heat, it does not qualify for an energy code, where most ”additions” do. If the no-heat factor worries you, another plus of a room like this is that because it isn’t classified as an “addition”, the window to wall space ratio isn’t an issue. This means that the amount of windows that you want in your three season room (hey, the more the merrier!), is more than likely possible! Why is this such a great thing, you ask? More windows can equal more natural light into your room, resulting in free heat and just a beautiful room all around! Voilà! Not to mention, this means that your body is absorbing more Vitamin D in from the sun, which is proven to make us feel better and happier, especially in the winter months. How’s that for a double whammy!

There is no better place than a room with an abundance of windows and light to escape that wind driven rain, because unlike a screened porch, you will walk away dry. Bad weather? No problem. Cold and rainy? You can be sure that you are warm and cozy. Mother Nature has got nothing on you and your family! Entertaining has never felt so good and stress free!

So give us a call today and make your dreams of a three season room / sunroom come true!